Nomming in Saigon

Ventured into the streets near ChoLon market, on the other side of the bus station. Took a bus from District 1, Ben Thanh, walking distance from my hotel, and the bus journey being about 30 mins.

Found many street food vendors there! I rarely see any of those near the district I’m staying at :( Vietnam should have more street food! I miss the streetfood in Bangkok; they were everywhere! In Ho Chi Minh City, I have to scour streets after streets in search for street food, and I’m usually disappointed and end up having fast food.

For 22,000 VND (SGD 1.40), you can have a large drumstick on top of fragrant rice, with a sprinkle of crushed peanuts.

the nicely seasoned rice has a texture somewhat like of sticky glutinous rice but I can’t bet my life on it, and the lady doesn’t speak English so I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

I would’ve loved some of that burnt rice crust but I didn’t get any :P

I don’t know if it’s a traditional Vietnamese dish but it certainly is unique enough not to find it anywhere else in the world (or so I think); I’ve never seen Chicken rice interpreted in this manner.

the drumstick is no where near miniature and in no way skimpy; it’s large, tender and juicy!

Not exactly a huge fan of Chicken Rice, or rice in general, but I’m glad I tried this dish, it’s one of the best street foods i’ve tasted during my stay in Ho Chi Minh City :)

I don’t know if she’s always gonna station there because the street food vendors always shift around. Hope to see her again!