Orchard Hotel – Orchard Cafe High Tea

Feeling like a tai-tai-wannabe, I took a day off to the Orchard Hotel, Orchard Cafe for High Tea. It costs $37-ish per head after the GST, and the images below are some of the items you can find at the spread.

At buffets, I love to start with desserts. I can have dessert, then move on to the savory, and end with another bout of dessert.

Usually, I’m not a fan of the pungent durian odor from that emperor of fruits, but the creamy durian puree smells not one bit stinky! I’d love a few more of them shot glasses if not for the fact that they are actually quite filling.

Apart from the English desserts, there are Nonya Kuehs as well. I had some reservations about the standard of the kuehs, since they do not specialize in Peranakan foods, thus I gave them a miss.

The chocolate mousse is outstanding, so much so my partner and I snagged up most of the shot glasses at the shelf. Underneath the thick & rich mousse lies a tiny piece of fruit cake that both of us didn’t care much for. The chocolate mousse mesmerized us aplenty.

There are not many dim sum choices at the spread, but the siew mai is decently tasty -they are polished off pretty quickly & are in dire needs of efficient refilling.

I didn’t try the soon kueh, but here’s a picture just so you know they have it :)

Steamed Paus are available with 2 different fillings -chicken and vegetable.
I prefer the chicken bun as apposed to the vegetable one, more due to the fact that the skin is rather thick, thus a more robust flavor within would be preferred. The chicken is surprisingly tender, though I’d appreciate it if the ratio of filling to flour is increased.

I had countless of springrolls. I have a weakness for deep-fried crispy foods.

I didn’t try the curry puffs though. They look kinda dense and heavy, might be too filling for the tummy. I’d save the space for more goodies.

Potato wedges are nicely crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside -I had countless of servings, needless to say. On the other side, the fish is mediocre and forgettable. I don’t remember it to be mind-blowingly tender.

Ee Fu noodles were goooood. My partner & I loved it. It’s not too dry or mushy, sufficiently moist just the way I like it.
Nasi Goreng was average, until I doused it in the Vegetable Curry (Curry Chap Chai?). I couldn’t get enough of that vegetable curry actually.

I didn’t care for the seafood, although I see many diners piling their plates with tonnes of seafood. I haven’t tried it so I can’t tell you if its fresh, but from the popularity of it, it mustn’t be too bad.

I enjoyed the food thoroughly, as much as I did the company. :)