Terminator Challenge at Roadhouse, Demsey

This towering burger is held together with a skewer (satay stick), and it rapidly collapses, due to gravity, the moment you take your hands off it. The burger is piled up high with 6 Wagyu beef patties grilled to perfection, layered with cheese in between each patty, a couple of pieces of bacon, topped with nicely caramelised onions, sandwiched in between a light fluffy bun that has a toasty crust.

The Terminator burger costs $58, sided with fries and coleslaw. The Terminator Challenge is to wolf down every single element on the plate in 20 minutes, and it is on the house. Try beating the highest record of 9 minutes!

I ordered my patties medium rare, and the thick patties turned out juicy and tender. It would be a joy to consume if not for the challenge. Time is indeed the challenge. Despite my huge appetite, I was struggling to complete it within 20 minutes. Given 30 minutes, I would actually be enjoying it. But that’s the whole point of the challenge.

Here are some tips:

1) I started slow and I was rushing in the end to finish it. Not advised to do so. Start fast so you can afford to go slower towards the end.
2) Use your hands, get down and dirty. I started by using a fork and knife like how I’d normally eat, but cutting the patties to bite sizes consumed way too much time, so I dropped the knife and ate with a fork.
3) Sip on water whenever you can –you don’t want to choke! Don’t gulp though. Water is filling.
4) Keep your eyes peeled on the digital timer. It keeps you going.
5) Don’t even think about resting. You can’t afford to waste any time. The clock is ticking.
6) Give yourself about 2-3 minutes max per patty. Don’t forget you have the fries and coleslaw to finish too.
7) 20 minutes will fly by real quick. It’s by far the fastest 20 minutes of my life. Keep that in mind.
8) Have your friends cheering you on. It’s great motivation! My parents were cheering me on and keeping time in check.
9) Don’t worry about looking unglamorous. Nobody is going to look glamorous devouring a massive burger. Do you want to win, or not?
10) After the challenge, rest for at least 15 minutes before getting up! After all that speed-gobbling action, your heart must still be racing. My face was flushed and I was almost seeing stars.

I completed the challenge in 16 minutes!

Good luck with the challenge! Do share with me your experience!

Note: Reservations are not necessary, but you’re advised to do so since they’re usually packed to the brim.

Mon – Fri: 10:30 am – 10:00 pm
Sat – Sun: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm