Sarawak Diary – Hello Kuching

The moment I set foot in Kuching’s airport, and I was overawed by the state of cleanliness. The airport is quiet and almost serene – if not for the influx of baggage-lugging passengers scurrying to the immigration clearance – which will return to the state of tranquil as soon as each batch departs.

Clearing immigration was a breeze; efficiency impressed; the staffs were friendly and all smiles.

How to get to the hotel from the airport

A smooth sailing journey from the airport to the hotel was granted; purchase a Taxi Coupon at the Taxi Counter for 26 RM notifying your destination, and hop on a cab at the Taxi Stand right outside.

Unlike countries where scammers are out to rip you off, everyone pays a standard rate without having to bargain. Generally it’ll cost you 26 RM a ticket to the city (I googled that prior to boarding the plane, and the internet is proven accurate). However, they would ask you where you’re heading to before quoting you a price, thus I concluded a further destination will cost you more.

I’m currently snuggling in bed with my best travel companion –beanie the bear. Do leave a comment if there’s something in Kuching that you’d like me to try or blog about!

Abell Hotel
22, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching City Center, Kuching, Malaysia 93100