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My memories of pies date back to the days in high school, where I would purchase POLAR Chicken Pies from petrol kiosks out of sheer convenience.

The pie scene in Singapore isn’t huge. We don’t have many choices.

Not until Pies & Coffee came into the picture.

Set in an idyllic location surrounded by greenery at – a stone’s throw away from Buona Vista MRT stationPies & Coffee is the first café in Singapore to specialise in gourmet pies.

It is also the first café in Singapore to use commercial air-infusion coffee machine; the single-cup brewing system produces a distinct coffee brew that exhibits a fuller body and deep aroma.

Café Latte (7oz, $4.80)

Espresso-based coffees are made from 100% Arabica beans.

Mocha (10oz, $5.80)

A wide range of Gryphon teas are available to cater to tea lovers.

As for the milkshakes, the Crunchy Peanut Butter Milkshake ($7.20) and the Avocado Vanilla Cream Milkshake ($7.20) tops the list.

I enjoyed the creamy and thick consistency of the Avocado Vanilla Cream Milkshake, while I preferred the sweetness of the Crunchy Peanut Butter Milkshake. I’m torn between the two.

The 80-seater café seats 20 diners indoors and 60 outdoors, spread over 3,100 square feet. Tables are set well apart from each other. The vibe is fresh, clean and fuss-free.

The outdoor patio is simply charming. The waterfall feature adjacent to the café lends a soothing sight and rhythm of cascading water, bringing about an ideal chill-out spot, and taking the enjoyment of pie and coffee up a notch.

Grab a seat at the outdoor patio, and laze the weekend away.

Pies & Coffee offers a wide selection of pies – both savoury and sweet – with a universal appeal, meeting the demands for quick and good gourmet food.

Most pies are available in three sizes: K-pie (kid’s size pies), 4.5-inch and 9-inch.

They make a quick and convenient takeaway, with coffee, or they can be enjoyed leisurely in the relaxing environment.

Savoury Pies

Lamb Shank (4.5-inch, $9.95)

First off, the piecrust is baked to a golden perfection. It is dense, crumbly and buttery without being greasy. A variant from the flaky and airy kind of pie, it is a little heavy on the stomach.

Pies are in no way humble here. Gourmet fillings such as Lamb Shank, Wagyu Beef Cheek and Duck Confit transcend.

The simple elegance of presenting their pies on clean white crockery elevates pie eating to the next level.

Lamb Shank (4.5-inch, $9.95)

Amidst tender tatters of lamb and a mirepoix of carrots, onions and celery, hints of star anise caught my attention; you don’t see it, but it hits your palate without being overpowering.

There is no gamy lamb stench that I know of.

All pies come with a side of salad and mashed potato. Alternate bites between the pie and luscious mashed potato, you get a balance of textures and flavours.

Can I request for more mashed potato in place of the greens? I forgot to ask.

Wagyu Beef Cheek (4.5-inch, $9.95)

The very thought of Wagyu Beef Cheek brought back fond memories of 7 Adam, where the outstanding Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek left an impression.

Enclosed within the Wagyu Beef Cheek Pie, you get a monotonous content of shredded pieces of tender meat instead of chunks –that will require less vigorous chewing.

The beefy flavour is full-fledged. Its simplistic execution amplifies the beefiness. Although I’d prefer a slightly more fatty content, it is tender enough and I nod in approval.

Duck Confit (4.5-inch $9.95)

The Duck Confit pie is slightly disappointing. Another monotonous content of pulled meat, this time of duck confit, the flavours are restrained and lacks oomph. I very much preferred the Wagyu Beef Cheek pie.

Chicken Cheddar (K-pie, $5.45) ($8.95 for 4.5-inch)

We had a kid’s size portion for the Chicken Cheddar Pie. The interior of the pie is creamy and starchy, blending to an almost mush. It is slightly cloying, but very comforting.

My naked eye could not really tell what the ingredients are by assessing the mishmash appearance, but the flavours are harmonious and everything melts in the mouth.

Laksa Seafood Shepherd Pie (One-size, $9.95)

Shepherd’s pie is conventionally a meat pie with a crust of mashed potato.

My fondness for Shepherd’s pie goes way back to 1988. I loved it since the day I was born.

The Laksa Seafood Shepherd Pie was a standout, and it will be the first thing I would recommend to someone visiting Pies & Coffee.

The robust laksa broth is not too spicy, and it is neither too rich nor too heavy. There is a nice balance of flavours. The mashed potato crust is perfect.

The ingredients – squid, prawns and mussels – are cooked to great success, and didn’t disappoint with overdone and chewy textures.

This pie warms your tummy.


Mushroom, Truffle Oil ($5.95)

I love soups! My meals are never complete without one.

The Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil is decent. It is composed of a high ratio of mushroom bits that act as a thickener, without an overbrimming creaminess. The earthy aroma of mushroom offsets the striking perfume of truffle oil.

Sweet Pies

Macadamia Nut Cheese ($8.95)

The crunch of the macadamia plays nicely against the intensely rich cheese. Along with the caramelised topping and the thin buttery crust, this highly dense pie is complete, and rather enjoyable.

Chocolate Almond ($8.95)

Almost akin to eating a chocolate candy bar, the Chocolate Almond Pie is sinfully rich. A thin crust is filled with an intense chocolate ganache, topped with chopped almonds. Chocolate lovers will swoon over this decadent dessert.

If you want to end the meal on a lighter note, opt for a scoop of Gelato, priced at $4 a single scoop, and $6.80 for a double scoop.

After masticating our way through 6 varieties of pies – 4 savoury pies and 2 sweet pies – I conclude the Laksa Seafood Shepherd Pie and Wagyu Beef Cheek Pie as my top picks.

I hope they will come up with more variations of the Shepherd’s pie.

Look out for monthly special pies and festive pies, and vote for your favourite pies on www.piesncoffee.com.

Pies & Coffee


Opening hours:
Daily: 9am to 11pm