Sweet Salty Spicy

Inspired by the exotic markets of Thailand, Sweet Salty Spicy features Thai cuisine with a modern twist – fabricated with a vibrant array of Asian ingredients – complemented by an extensive range of wines.

House branded dry goods and ‘curry kits’ are available for purchase.


Clear Chicken & Prawn Broth ($10)

To start off with something light, the Clear Chicken & Prawn Broth – replete with tofu, young coconut pieces, shitake mushrooms and seaweed – embodies flavours sufficient to prep your taste buds for more food to come.

The portion is huge though, enough for three to share.


Salad of Green Mango, Crispy Salmon with Cashew Nuts and a Chilli Lime Dressing ($9/$14)

Those watching their carbohydrate intake can opt for the Salad of Green Mango that comes with strips of nutty green (unripe) mango, salmon for protein and cashew nuts for texture, all tossed together in an invigorating chilli lime dressing.

I didn’t get the “crispy” from the “Crispy Salmon” –it was more of chunks and flakes of cooked salmon. Perhaps the moisture from the dressing took away the crisp. I personally prefer my salmon raw, smoked or lightly seared.

Street Hawker

Tasting Platter ($26)

For $26, you get to taste 4 variety of street hawker food, great for a party of 3 to 4 to sample without ending up with a belly bulge.

– Miang’ of Prawns & Pomelo on Betel Leaves with Palm Tamarind and Crispy Garlic (left)

Looking almost too pretty to be eaten, the Miang’ of Prawns & Pomelo mounded on Betel Leaves – a strong-tasting leaf with fragrance that lingers for a while in the mouth – is healthy and refreshing. Love how the juices of the pomelo burst in the mouth, together with contrasting flavours and textures within.

– SSS crispy rice cakes with a warm chicken and prawn chilli dip (middle)

Pick up the light crispy rice cakes with your hands, and dive it into the thick chunky chicken and prawn chilli dip. Ambrosial in flavour, the dip works perfectly well with anything on the platter.

This is my favourite component on the platter!

– Traditional Prawn and Vegetable Rice Rolls with Sweet Tamarind Dressing and Crispy Garlic (Middle)

After consuming the delicious chilli dip, the paltry-sized Rice Roll lost its appeal –despite how compelling the sweet tamarind dressing and crispy garlic sounds.

I would recommend the Traditional Prawn and Vegetable Rice Rolls to the health-conscious, or those with a light palate.

Sitting adjacent to the Crispy Soft Shell Crab, it is no surprise my hand ended up next door.

– Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Chilli Jam and Lemongrass Dressing (Right)

Food bloggers should already be used to limp and cold food by now. I can’t complain about the lack of crispiness from the soft shell crab, because we took quite some time photographing the platter.

The condiment is awesome by the way –creamy with punchy flavours.


Tamarind Glazed Angus Beef Cheek in a fragrant Ginger Broth with flat rice noodles, shallots & coriander ($16)

The Tamarind Glazed Angus Beef Cheek in Ginger Broth is a highlight. The beef cheek is practically falling apart. It is melt-in-your-mouth tender.

Smooth slippery noodles are steeped in an intriguing broth –the complex flavours are set to open up your appetite.


Wok-fried squid with Thai curry powder, salted eggs & spring onions ($10/$14)

The Wok-fried Squid is one of Chef’s personal favourites. It comes with plump hunks of squid lounging in the egg yolk bath. The smooth, comforting egg-y sauce is highly addictive –not sure if it’s addictives-laden.


Curry Triplets

Curry Tripletes comes with any three selections of curries, complete with jasmine rice. ($18 for 2-3 pax, $24 for 4+ pax, $2 supplement each for Panang and Jungle curry)

Jungle Curry of Scallops & Prawns with long green beans & sweet Thai basil ($12/$17)

Fresh, crunchy prawns never fail to put a smile on my face. I cannot withstand overcooked prawn, or overcooked anything for that matter.

Long beans add textural balance. Coated in a deliciously fiery sauce, I had no qualms finishing my greens.

Roast Duck Red Curry with seedless grapes & fried shallots ($10/$14)

Roast Duck is sliced to an appropriate thickness; thin, but thick enough to absorb flavours from the red curry. The meat is lean, yet sufficiently tender. The curry is slightly sweet. Bite into the berries for an extra dose of sweetness.

I took a few mouthfuls of the curry before I grew accustomed to the acquired taste.

It is robust and refined at the same time.

Green Curry of Baby Snapper with apple eggplants & holy basil ($10/$14)

The Green Curry of Baby Snapper is my favourite of the lot, but only because of my slight biasness in favour of fish.

All three of the curry dishes fared well in terms of flavour.

Thick chunks of tender white flesh are well infused with flavours of the aromatic green curry, redolent of basil and coconut milk.


Black Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk

To round up the meal, Black Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk seemed to be the only Asian dessert available.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan. The rice is far from sticky –it’s al dente.

Love the coconut milk though.

Red Velvet with white chocolate sauce

The Red Velvet is made of beetroot and cocoa powder, topped with sugary cream cheese frosting. This chocolate cake is moist and irresistible.

I would love a second portion.

Sticky Date Pudding with toffee sauce

The Sticky Date Pudding will satisfy those with a sweet tooth, like yours truly. Texture akin to an extremely moist cake, dip it into the toffee sauce and you’ll experience a little taste of heaven in every bite.

The mood is casual but the flavours are tip-top.

Mother’s Day Brunch Special -13 May 2012

First ten mums to quote my blog – Melicacy.com – get to enjoy one free a la carte brunch dish, Select one free a la carte brunch dish with a minimum of one other adult dish or two kids dishes.

Signature dishes including ‘Full Month’ ($22), ‘Epic Breakfast’ ($35), ‘Half of this/Half of that’ ($16).

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