Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria

To all meat-lovers out there, Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria is a meaty paradise –a treat to your eyes, your palate and your ravenous appetite.

Churrascaria means ‘barbecue’ in Portugese. Their style of service is basically Brazilian rodizio: you pay a fixed price and passadors (meat waiters) will come to your table with skewers speared with various kinds of meat – slicing it with a knife onto your plate with your consent – several times throughout your meal until you signify that you have had enough by flipping the coloured card from green to red.

Initially, I was a little hesitant about going for an all-you-can-eat meat buffet (I’m not a HUGE fan of meats), but my unduly worries were abolished when the salad bar greeted me. (And no, I’m not eyeing the veggies.)

You must be thinking I’m such a fool to get all hyped up about a Salad Bar at a meat buffet!

The salad bar doesn’t just comprise of greens and dressings –though I must add that veggies do help cut the richness of the meaty feast.

Ideal accompaniments for your meats include Roasted Potato, Arroz Brasileiro (Brazilian Rice) and Ratatouille.

I would love a luscious bed of mashed potato with my meats, but since they do not offer that, the roasted potato fulfils the role of balancing the meats just fine.

Oh wait. There’s more! The Spring Roll and Beef Pie are crowd pleasers.

If you’re craving incessantly for mashed potato, dig into the Beef Pie and you’ll find yourself striking gold with the layer of potato mash in between gooey cheese and minced beef. I couldn’t get enough of this. Comfort food.

Meats do not sit out at the buffet spread, turning cold and stale; they get served to you straight from the grill.

While waiting for the meat waiters to come to your table, pile your plate with fresh, vibrant vegetables and fruits for a well-balanced meal.

And here they come. Passadors armed with viciously sharp knives, slicing meat off the skewers, onto your plate, in front of you, in your face.

Carnivore serves a selection of commonly known meats such as beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish, sausages and ham.

You don’t see exotic meats such as rabbit, or kangaroo, or ostrich here.

The Chicken Thigh is a personal favourite. The meat is remarkably succulent and juicy on the inside, sporting a lightly charred crust on the outside, crispy from the grill.

Second to that is the fish –a thick chunk of fish that is fleshy and moist, and free of fishy stench and bones. Highly sought-after.

The sausages are flavourful, juicy and highly addictive. One is not enough.

I don’t give much thought to the ham though. It is nothing to shout about.

The lamb is a little too tough and fibrous for my liking.

The beef, on the other hand, is superbly moist and tender, carved from a huge chunk straight onto your plate for that highly desired juiciness.

The meats are not too heavily seasoned, thus allowing the natural meaty flavours to shine. Condiments are available at the Salad Bar for you to mix and match.

Pair the meats with roasted pineapples, served straight out the grill, warm and juicy.

If you’re feeling stuffed and overwhelmed by all the meats, flip the ‘card’ to the red side to indicate that you do not wish to be offered any more meat.

It was overall a good dining experience, complemented with good service. Glasses are constantly refilled, and empty plates promptly cleared.

Unfortunately, there are no desserts. My sweet tooth left a little disappointed.

Something to note: Request for tap water (free of charge) or you will be tricked into paying for exorbitantly priced ‘sparkling or still’ water.

Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria
(Outlet that I visited)
Bay Level, L1-80



Buffet Lunch: 11.30am to 3.00pm
$34++ per adult
$15++ per child

Buffet Dinner: 6.00pm to 11.00pm
$47++ per adult
$20++ per child