Grimbergen beers at 1128

Beer lovers in Singapore, laud the arrival of Grimbergen –a group of premium Belgian abbey beers exclusively owned by Carlsberg group, known for their exquisite taste profiles and rich history.

There are only two official places in Singapore that stock this remarkable abbey beer; they are 1128 (pronounced ‘eleven twenty eight’), and Nassim Hill. They mark the beer’s first exclusive presence in Singapore and proudly serve three styles of Grimbergen on tap –Blanche, Blonde and Ambrée.

You can’t get Grimbergen beer anywhere else in Singapore.

Named after the year in which Grimbergen beer was first brewed, 1128 was launched in July 2012 and is the world’s first flagship Grimbergen bar.

Situated on a quieter locale of Orchard Road, 1128 is the optimal chic destination to unwind with a smooth pint of Grimbergen beer.

Animal lovers will be pleased to know that this casual hangout is pet-friendly, and has thoughtfully set up special water troughs by the side of the al fresco area for their furry companions.

While mummies and daddies indulge in Grimbergen beers, furkids can quench their thirst here.

Grimbergen beers – Blanche, Blonde and Ambrée – are priced at $10 nett for 250ml all day long.

Customers can even try tapping their own Grimbergen beer with guidance from the staff.

Its bold décor distinguishes itself from other bars with its anomalous architecture and signature brown and gold hues, taking its design inspiration from Grimbergen’s rich history.

Accommodating a total seating capacity of 80, indoors and al fresco, the environment is decidedly relaxing, striking a balance between being chic yet casual.

Grimbergen Beers

Grimbergen Blanche ($10 nett, 250ml)

Grimbergen Blanche is a classic white beer, and is pale-yellow and cloudy in colour with a creamy head and fine bubbles. Its citrusy aroma with delicate notes of vanilla, spices, ripe fruits and bergamot make this a particularly refreshing wheat beer.

At 6% ABV (alcohol by volume), this easy-to-drink beer is a personal favourite.

The ochre-coloured Grimbergen Blonde (6.7% ABV) is a top-fermented ale that is round and harmonious in the mouth, with just the right amount of fizz. Blended with notes of ripe fruits, cloves and honey, the Blonde is slightly fruity with a spicy character.

The Grimbergen Ambrée (6.5% ABV) is a greatly nuanced dark beer that is crafted for slow savouring, so as to unravel the complex layers of flavours. Rich, deep, and velvety in the mouth, the beguiling whiff of smokiness in this amber ale leads to an intense bouquet of ripe fruits and caramel, before finishing with a lingering subtle bittersweet hint of liquorice.

Going hand in hand with the premium beers are the scrumptious bar grubs.

Crispy Chicken Skin ($10 nett)

Crispy till the last morsel, the Crispy Chicken Skin is a must have.

Eating was an easy task, especially when you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Chopsticks are provided. Who would’ve thought munching on bar bites could be so classy?

Chicken Heart Stir-Fry ($12 nett)

Chicken heart is something that I would never ever think of consuming, but I’m glad I gave the Chicken Heart Stir-Fry a try.

Aromatic with green chillies and shallots, this dish totally won me over. My perspective of consuming organs has changed radically.

Pork Cubes ($12 nett)

The Pork Cubes is equally praiseworthy. Fried to a nice crisp on the outside, it is surprisingly not too greasy on the whole. The chunks of meat are lean without being tough. If you’d like a spicy kick, dip it in the chilli padi soya sauce.

When I return, I would order the Deep Fried Wantons ($12), Sweet & Sour Pork ($12) and the Deep Fried Prawn Paste Chicken ($12).

I was blown away by the quality of the food.

For someone who tends not to drink alcohol or beer, the Grimbergen Blanche went down easily for me, especially with the bar bites that make the perfect accompaniments.

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Opening hours:
Tuesdays – Sundays: 4pm – 12midnight.
Closed on Mondays.