Crystal Jade Mooncake Gift Boxes

This Mid Autumn Festival, Crystal Jade is striving to satisfy the preferences of every taste bud. Expect to see mooncakes rendered in various interpretations –and be prepared for the unexpected.

To make this festive season more meaningful, Crystal Jade will donate $1 to World Vision Singapore with every box of traditional mooncake sold.

Premium Gold Treasure ($88 for 4 pieces) –limited edition

To kick things off, the limited edition Premium Gold Treasure gift box will appease the ones adhered to traditional culture.

It includes 4 traditional baked mooncakes –Gold Leaf White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk, Gold Leaf Red Lotus Paste with Double Yolk, Gold Leaf White Lotus Paste and Gold Leaf Mixed Nuts & Ham.

Psst… A free recycle bag comes with every purchase of Crystal Jade Mooncake Gift Set!

The Gold Leaf Mixed Nuts & Ham somehow tasted like there’s Bak Kwa (Chinese-style pork jerky) in there. I tend to shun nut-laden mooncakes (personal preference: I don’t like nuts) but this was an exception. I nod in approval.

The textures are not too bizarre, though varied. It is by far one of the best ‘Mixed Nuts & Ham’ mooncakes I’ve had, considering how much I dislike nuts.

One of the new creations that caught my attention was the Mini Tangerine Paste ($38 for 8 pieces). You will discover refreshing bursts of citrus flavour in each bite, with masticatory candied tangerine bits – suspended in the rich lotus paste – for texture. The zesty flavour is just enough to cut the overall richness of the sweet lotus paste, without being overwhelming.

The Mini Conpoy Paste ($38 for 8 pieces) is another new creation this season. The conpoy (dried scallop) paste has a smell suggestive of salt-cured meats –it is quite an acquired taste, which most kids will shy away from due to its perplexity. Unfortunately, I am one of those kids. This mooncake will please those who like a mix of sweet and savoury in one bite.

Mini Snow-skin mooncakes ($38 for 8 pieces) include novel flavours such as Plum Paste, Coconut Paste, Bean Paste and Red Dates Paste.

The Floral Tea Konnyaku Mooncake ($20 for 4 pieces) is something unique that will cater to the health-conscious or those who are watching their calorie intake. Flavours include Roselle & Hawthorn (believed to help control cholesterol and reduce fluid retention), Chrysanthemum Honey (has cooling and soothing effects in addition to improving vision), Jasmine Green Tea (aids digestion and releases stress) and Osmanthus & Plum (enhances complexion, aids digestion and contains antioxidant that fights ageing). This selection of mooncakes is a great alternative for those who want to enjoy this festive season without packing on the pounds.

Kindred Bliss ($22 for 4 pieces)

The Yogurt Pudding Mooncakes have to be the prettiest mooncakes I’ve had this season. They are available at selected Crystal Jade My Bread outlets only.

Emerging in attractive vibrant hues are fresh creations that include Original Yogurt Pudding Mooncake with Nata De Coco (white), Apple Yogurt Pudding Mooncake (green), Mixed Berries Yogurt Pudding Mooncake (purple) and Mango Yogurt Pudding Mooncake (yellow).

Kids will be vying for these!

Original Yogurt Pudding Mooncake with Nata De Coco

The Mixed Berries Yogurt Pudding Mooncake – that comes studded with blueberries – is a personal favourite, followed by the Apple Yogurt Pudding Mooncake.

For optimal quality, they have to be consumed within a day or two upon purchase.

Mooncake promotion ends on 30 September 2012.

For enquiries and orders, please call Crystal Jade at or email