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Satiate your cravings for fine dining fare without putting a major dent in your wallet –2fifteen Kitchen is a ‘Frenchly’ restaurant helmed by local Chef Kenny Yeo, whose culinary skills were honed at several top restaurants in Singapore including Les Amis, and a Michelin 3 Star Hotel restaurant in France.

The name ’2fifteen’ is derived from its unit number, #02-15, of .

The 45-seater dining area spans over 150 square metres; its setting is homey and cosy with a touch of elegance.

Bread is not made in-house, but it is served warm and crusty with a moist and fluffy interior. I’m not complaining. It appeases my rumbling stomach, and I even asked for a second basket. I was hungry.

Frementle Octopus Leg with Citrus Oil, Ripen Tomato and Pearl Mango

From the degustation menu we tried the Fremantle Octopus Leg that is drizzled with zingy citrus oil, and served along with ripen tomato and juicy mango. I’ve never enjoyed octopus as much as I did here; it is firm and succulent without being too chewy or resilient.

Quick-seared Foie Gras on Caramelised Watermelon, Green Apple Balsamic Syrup

An equally enchanting item from the degustation menu is the quick-seared foie gras with caramelised watermelon and green apple balsamic syrup.

The caramelised watermelon inspires me to want to replicate it in my home kitchen.

I can’t stop harping on about how much I love foie gras. I don’t wish to think about the poor duckies that suffered tremendously just so our ravenous cravings can be satiated. :/ Duckies, you did not suffer in vain. Your fatty liver is simply délicieux.

Demitasse of Truffle and Mushroom Cappuccino

The next course in the degustation menu after the salads is the Demitasse of Truffle and Mushroom Cappuccino. It is essentially soup, served in a coffee cup –except that as opposed to its name it is not served in a cappuccino cup but in an espresso cup.

Like espressos, the flavour is concentrated –and for this case, apart from flavour, the level of saltiness is also intensified. It is a tad salty for my liking, although it isn’t to the point of gag-inducingly salty. I would love a larger portion with a touch less salt please!

Prawn Cappellini in Aromatic Oil ($26)

The Prawn Cappellini in Aromatic Oil is simply European with an oriental flair. Traditional Chinese folks will find the aromatic oil – that seasons every strand of pasta – outstandingly familiar and comforting.

Slow seared Pork Belly with Savoy Cabbage, Green Apples & Prosciutto in Poultry Sauce ($30)

The dish of pork belly unfortunately missed the mark for me. It probably needed extra cooking time to yield fork-tender meat –it’s either fuming hungry diners from waiting, or displeased diners put off by tough meat eh?

The fatty parts were devoured the quickest –I especially enjoyed the slightly caramelised crust. There is no lack of flavour on the whole.

Pan-seared Cod Mignon with Crab Meat & Leek Velouté ($38)

The Pan-seared Cod Mignon with Crab Meat & Leek Velouté was my favourite dish that evening. Every element on the plate (except the green folks) worked for me –I simply ignored the snow peas (I have an aversion to greens) and devoured the rest.

Fish was tender and flaky, moist and juicy. Also commendable is the crabmeat and leek velouté that added another dimension to this dish.

Confit of Salmon Roulade with Soft Herbs, Wild Rice, Hazelnut Oil and Poultry Jus ($28)

Slow poached till tender and medium-rare, this dish does justice to one of my favourite kinds of fish –salmon. I would gladly have the salmon roulade served on a bed of a puree of some sort, instead of the texturally bizarre wild rice. It was a bit of a novelty for me and I wasn’t quite ready to embrace wild rice in my diet.


If you need a palate cleanser in between courses, the sorbet is perfect. Sorbets are not made in-house, but Movenpick can never go wrong.

Acquerello Risotto & smoked Duck Breast with pan-seared Foie Gras & Truffle Port Wine Sauce ($29)

The risotto arrived without a single flake of cheese, and I was slightly apprehensive by its mere façade. Once it entered my mouth, my perception changed. Risotto needn’t be cloyingly rich to be palatial.

The truffle port wine sauce was a great substitute to the artery clogging cream and cheese. The pan-seared foie gras was just the ‘cherry on top of the cake’.

Dry aged 21 days Sirloin Bone with Marrow in Truffle Port Wine Sauce ($130)

This $130 portion of steak is briskly demolished with room to spare. The question now is: would you rather go to a widely regarded steakhouse to satisfy your carnivorous needs?

The juicy slab of meat is lightly seasoned, allowing the natural beefy flavour to shine –sauce is hardly needed. I almost forgot about the sauce. The truffle port wine sauce is simply divine.

The accompanying potato gratin was of instant appeal. It is pure comfort food.

Dessert Tasting Platter

For dessert, we had a tasting platter of various desserts, which include the Yuzu Green Tea Cheesecake (from the degustation menu), Panna Cotta, Wildberry & Coulis ($12), Homemade Apple Tart, Vanilla Ice Cream & Almonds ($16) and homemade macaron.

The Yuzu Green Tea Cheesecake stood out in terms of taste –the yuzu jelly especially, lent a refreshing aftermath in my mouth.

The Homemade Apple Tart, Vanilla Ice Cream & Almonds ($16) can be ordered as a separate dessert on its own –I highly recommend this too. The tart is unlike any other tart I’ve ever eaten; it is crisply thin like a cracker in a form of pastry.

2fifteen Kitchen

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