Do you still remember the NYDC outlet outside The Heeren? It was a favourite hangout spot for teenagers back in those days. That was my first memory of NYDC. My friends who used to hang out there rave about the mudpies all the time. Those days will remain as memories though, as NYDC has moved out of the Heeren precinct. If you’re craving for mudpies in the orchard vicinity, head to the nearest outlet at Wheelock Place.

Their very first outlet (and also their flagship outlet) is in –which was launched 17 years ago in 1995. Today, NYDC has six outlets islandwide and has ventured into the international market, with six outlets overseas.

To commemorate its “Super Sweet 17”, it introduces more than 20 new items on the menu.

Nutty Cookie Cruncher ($7.80)

The Nutty Cookie Cruncher is a new beverage on the menu. You can customise the level of alcohol and caffeine according to your own preference –add an additional shot of espresso at $1, and an additional shot of Baileys at $3. Smoothly blended with cookies, it is time to unleash your inner cookie monster.

Waldorf with a Hic ($10.80)

Bet you’ve never thought that you could get high on salad. Here, Waldorf salad is spiked with whisky-infused grapes that are soaked overnight for elevated potency. Fresh Romaine lettuce is tossed together with roasted almond flakes and plump raisins in a lemon mayo dressing. Non-veggie lovers like myself will probably have to request for more of that lemon mayo dressing so as to give the greens an appetising heft.

Skinny Dip Chips ($13.50)

The Skinny Dip Chips is a crowd pleaser. Warm tortilla chips are served with three different dips – spiced chilli beef, creamy blue cheese dip and the all-time favourite artichoke blend.

The chilli beef dip packs a punch. The blue cheese dip is not overwhelmingly pungent and those who have an aversion to blue cheese should be able to accept this. The artichoke dip is heavenly.

So addictive you might be tempted to order another serving and munch on all day long, especially in such a casual and comfy atmosphere. Wait, you don’t have to order a new set –simply top up $3 for more chips, and $4 for every additional dip.

Romeo & Juliet ($11.90)

The Romeo & Juliet, unlike the tragic story of forbidden love written by William Shakespeare, is delight in every bite. The only tragedy I can reckon is probably on the waistline, but it is too yummy to resist. Smoky crispy bacon, sweet corn and hot herbed rice is drenched in NYDC’s signature garlic mayo, and topped with mozzarella, which is then baked and served to you straight from the oven.

Drunken Masta’ ($16.80 for 1 shot of tequila, $18.80 for 2 shots, $20.80 for 3 shots)

You think getting high on salad is the most outrageous shtick? Then you’ve not seen the Drunken Masta’. This pasta dish is laced with feisty tequila. Thank goodness you can choose your level of “drunkenness” from 1 to 3 shots of tequila, comically labelled as ‘Sober’, ‘Drunk’ and ‘K.O.’.

The flavourful pasta stew comprises seafood such as tiger prawns, chunks of dory fillet and clams. I like that shell pasta is used; as every morsel of pasta holds a good amount of sauce in every mouthful.

Picasso Pizza ($8.95 for base, $1.50/$2.25 for each topping)

Put on your creative hat and mix and match your favourite toppings to create your own personalised pizza.

Pick your choice of pizza base from NYDC Signature Garlic Mayo, Blue Cheese and Tomato. I went with the NYDC Signature Garlic Mayo.

Toppings from Category A include Bacon, Beef Pastrami, Beef & Pork Meatballs, Cajun Chicken Cubes, Fresh Shrimp, Pork Ham and Pork Sausages at $2.25 each, while Category B includes Button Mushroom, Capsicum, Onions and Pineapple Cubes at $1.50 each.

I went with Beef & Pork Meatballs, Cajun Chicken Cubs, Fresh Shrimp, Button Mushroom and Onions. Loved how it turned out. :)

Gold Fish

Contains no pork or lard.

The Gold Fish is not a new item, but I highly recommend it if you love salmon. Norwegian salmon is coated in golden garlic crumbs and oven baked. Fragrant almond pilaf rice and seasonal greens are served alongside.

It is extremely difficult to find perfectly tender salmon –it is not even funny how many restaurants and prestigious chefs can get salmon overdone, or how some cooks would intentionally overcook it. Only one out of ten restaurants produces ‘my perfect salmon’. Another perfect salmon I had was at Salt Grill and Sky Bar at Ion Sky, and another at Hilton Singapore, but if you’re looking for an affordable option, NYDC makes the cut. I hope their standard remains consistent, because I really hope you can taste the perfectly tender salmon for yourself!

This dish alone warrants a return visit.

Good ol’ Fish and Chips

Hand battered pacific dory served golden brown, accompanied with sides of steakhouse fries, coleslaw and tartar dip.

Because I love fish so much, I tried another fish item from the regular menu. No complaints with the Good ol’ Fish and Chips!

XOXO ($11.80)

Talk about NYDC, and mudpies will naturally come to mind. With the new menu launch, there are six new additions to their popular range of mudpies.

The XOXO comprises chocolate ice cream, mixed with gooey marshmallow, caramel swirls and another layer of strawberry cheesecake ice cream spiked with shot of Bailey’s.

Bring Me To The Dark Side ($11.80)

‘Bring me to the dark side’ is a total chocolate indulgence. Heed my warning: it is very rich! (Which brings good news for chocolate lovers.)

Marshmallows and almond flakes sit between two different layers of chocolate ice cream, filled with gobs of fudge chunks.

This is one of my top picks!

A Coffee Affair ($11.80)

Coffee lovers will find joy in ‘A Coffee Affair’, where dark chocolate and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is specked with espresso fudge chips and crunchy granola.

3-Some ($11.80)

3-Some is composed of 3 layers of ice cream – chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, strawberry ice cream and strawberry cheesecake ice cream – and graham crackers. This is another personal favourite!

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster is an all-time favourite mudpie on the regular menu, composed of double chocolate chip and mocha almond fudge ice cream with cookie chunks, nestled on an Oreo cookie base with chocolate fudge and whipped cream.

New cakes are also created for the launch of the new menu! The P-Nut Buttered Up ($6.80 per slice) is highly recommended. This cheesecake showcases the brilliant combination of peanut butter and black sesame. It left me wanting more.

Christmas Promotion

Early bird promo (16 Nov – 30 Nov 2012): 20% off log cakes. Free delivery with a min order of 25 log cakes. Available for corporate and bulk orders.

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