Christmas and New Year’s Eve Feastings at Goodwood Park Hotel

Goodwood Park Hotel warrants attention with surprising elements each year; this year’s new attractions include novel creations inspired by the unique flavours of Singapore –a commingling of flavours that will ring bells of delight.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate party at home, or seeking a lavish meal at any of the hotel’s dining establishments –they’ve got it covered.

Baked Singapura Turkey with Homemade Pineapple-Cucumber Achar, Yellow Basmati Rice & Curry ($188, serves 8-12)

An unforgettable item: the Baked Singapura Turkey with Homemade Pineapple-Cucumber Achar, Yellow Basmati Rice & Curry –a newly introduced item available for takeaway from the Deli. Goodwood Park Hotel brings Asian flavours to the Christmas table with the unconventional pairing of turkey and curry, which actually works. The mix of spices includes curry powder, tumeric powder, chilli, lemongrass, garlic and ginger.

Whole Honey-Glazed Gammon Ham with Vanilla-Pineapple Sauce ($328, serves 25-30)

Takeaway gourmet treats will be available at the Deli from 1 to 26 December 2012. Advance orders of three working days are required. Call /1868 to place takeaway orders. Guests may also visit the Deli from 9am to 9pm daily to place orders. Last order date is 20 December 2012, 12pm.

Early birds special: for orders fully paid for by 9 December 2012, there will be an additional 5% discount.

Mustard crusted Spanish Pork Rack with Smoked Gravy, Cabbage, Pickled Apples and Potato Gratin ($308, serves 4-6)

For a lavish party, the Mustard crusted Spanish Pork Rack will gratify –carnivores especially. It comes with smoked gravy, cabbage, pickled apples and the oh-so-marvellous-and-highly-addictive potato gratin. This impeccable rack of meat will emerge as a benchmark for subsequent parties. If you wish to leave a great lasting impression on your guests, this is the key to it.

Grilled Turkey and Pork Chorizo Skewers with Oriental BBQ Sauce ($56 for 1 dozen)

The Grilled Turkey and Pork Chorizo Skewers with Oriental BBQ Sauce, another new takeaway item, is a great option for casual gatherings –a definite crowd pleaser!

Durian Profiteroles Christmas Tree ($75, serves 6-8)

Each fluffy profiterole is generously filled with creamy D24 durian pulp; durian lovers will gladly approve of this.

D24 Durian Christmas Log Cake ($62 for 1kg)

Another popular Christmas favourite for fans of Goodwood Park’s fine durian creations would be the D24 Durian Christmas Log Cake.

I’ve been raving about Goodwood Park Hotel’s Christmas media event every time someone asks me about the Christmas tastings I’ve been to, and the first question that would pop up following that would be –so did you try any durian log cakes? This is evidence that Goodwood Park is famed for durian cakes.

Santa’s Sleigh ($24 per piece)

Santa’s Sleigh is a hazelnut pound cake topped with macarons. It gets a flavour boost from candied strawberry-orange jelly. Ho ho ho!

White Chocolate-Coffee Log Cake with Kahlua Profiteroles and Espresso Genoise ($62 for 1kg)

Coffee addicts will naturally be drawn to the White Chocolate-Coffee Log Cake with Kahlua Profiteroles and Espresso Genoise. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I totally adore this. The genoise makes a great absorbing sponge, taking on all that flavour from the intense espresso without turning into mush and ruining the structure of the cake. The white chocolate cream is simply luscious.

If you prefer to dine out, check out the Christmas and New Year’s Eve set menus and lavish buffet spreads at the hotel’s dining establishments –Gordon Grill, Coffee Lounge, L’Espresso, Min Jiang and Min Jiang at One-North.

Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Sakura Ebi, King Crab and White Truffle Vinaigrette (available in Festive Set Menus & Christmas Eve Set Lunch at Gordon Grill)

Gordon Grill is a fine-dining restaurant famed for its steaks and Continental cuisine. 3 to 6-course festive set menus ($58 to $178 per person depending on the dates and number of courses) are available throughout December, till 1 January 2013.

The Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Sakura Ebi, King Crab and White Truffle Vinaigrette gives you more reason to visit Gordon Grill. White truffle is easily detected amongst the fresh seafood; it brings the whole dish together without being overpowering.

Marinated Seafood with Green Papaya and Thai Chilli Dressing (available in Christmas Brunch Buffet at L’Espresso & Gordon Grill)

Gordon Grill and L’Espresso will be presenting a Christmas buffet brunch on 25 December 2012. It is priced at $128 per adult and $72 per child (6 to 11 years old), with two seatings (10.30am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm); it also offers fun children’s activities such as ‘Decorate your own gingerbread snowman’.

Brussels Sprouts with Country Bacon and Onions (Available in Christmas Day Brunch Buffet at L’Espresso & Gordon Grill, in Christmas Eve & Day Buffets at Coffee Lounge)

L’Espresso is a cosy café by day and Chic lounge by night, where you can enjoy the relaxing view by the poolside.

The Brussels Sprouts are these tiny cabbages that when executed well (like in this case), even the non-veggie lovers will not stop at one serving. Yes they are still green, but they are absolutely delicious. Soft, full of flavour, and gives you that warm cosy feeling with every bite. I had multiple servings!

Walnut and Chocolate Chips Tart (available in Festive English Afternoon Tea Buffets & Christmas Day Brunch Buffet at L’Espresso)

Apart from the Christmas Day Brunch Buffet, L’Espresso is also offering a festive Afternoon Tea Buffet on 24 and 31 December 2012, priced at $68 per adult.

Other dining establishments include Coffee Lounge (popular for its local fare and Taiwan Porridge) and Min Jiang (famed for Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine). Do check out their website for more information.

Counting down to Christmas: 26 more days!

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