(Vlog) MooJaa


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New to the scene is MooJaa –a Thai-influenced hot pot and barbecue restaurant patronized by many of Singapore’s Thai community.

In Thai, “MooJaa” means “my lovely pig”. It is a popular slang expression commonly used by couples, teasing each other when they put on a little “happy weight” during their relationship.

“Moo Ka Ta” literally translates to “Pork Skillet”; it refers to the special cooking apparatus – comprising a dome shaped grill – that enables diners to enjoy both barbecue and hot pot at the same time.

Here at MooJaa, quality Binchotan Japanese charcoal is used. Gas and locally-obtained generic black charcoal results in soot getting into the food, leaving an undesirable acidic taste –a common case at other Moo Ka Ta restaurants.

The two special dipping sauces that complement the meats are prepared from scratch with 31 different ingredients, involving six hours of non-stop stirring.

The soup base is highly addictive; it is hard to believe that no MSG is added (but they assure you, they don’t add any).

Though variety is limited, expect only the freshest and good quality ingredients. Upmarket options include Kurobuta Pork, Angus Beef and Hokkaido Scallops.