(Re-visit) Kohii at One Shenton

Kohii was where I first met Derrick from SgFoodonFoot. I’ve been blogging about food for over a year and a half now, and I’m so glad I got to know so many wonderful people whom I now call friends.

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Kohii celebrated their first year anniversary in August, which saw the launch of new items and a dinner menu. This calls for a re-visit!

Waldorf Salad with Walnut ($10.50)

One thing I like about Kohii is their range of salad dressings –Soy Vinegrette, Sesame (Goma) and Miso. To me, it is always the dressing that makes or breaks a salad.

The Waldorf Salad is an extremely healthy vegetarian option in the menu that consists of green apples, walnuts and greens, served with a lemon wedge and strips of seaweed.

Cha Soba Tossed with Shoyu ($10.50)

If you’d like to include some healthy carbohydrates in your diet, a healthy vegetarian option would be the Cha Soba.

Crispy Silver Bait ($9)

For those who love to nibble, order the Crispy Silver Bait. This will keep your fingers busy, till the very last morsel that ends up in your tummy.

It is highly addictive, especially when dipped in the thick sweet sauce.

Golden Onion Ring ($8)

I love battered onion rings as opposed to breaded ones. The accompanying wasabi mayo makes the perfect condiment.

Beer Battered Oyster Mushroom ($8)

The Beer Battered Oyster Mushroom is my favourite amongst the deep-fried snacks that we tried. It left me craving for more, and more, and more…!

Seafood Pizza ($12.50)

What I enjoyed most about Kohii’s pizza was the crust. The thinness is just right.

Seafood Baked Rice ($13.50)

Baked rice is forever comfort food to me, especially when there’s a lot of melty gooey cheese involved.

The prawns were not of pristine freshness though; I hope it was just our unlucky encounter.

Carbonara ($12.50)

The Carbonara is one of my top picks. Love the thick, creamy sauce that adheres to every strand of pasta. There’s just the right ratio of ham and mushroom to pasta.

The highlight was piercing into the egg yolk that bled profusely following that. Toss everything together, and you get a whole new level of enjoying your pasta.

Mushroom Aglio Olio ($13.50)

The Mushroom Aglio Olio blew me away. The fragrance of mushroom and garlic is highly enticing.

New opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 8.30am–10pm
Saturday: 9am–3pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays