Choco Truffle Dream by Emicakes (GIVEAWAY!)

Cake arrived. I could hear my own breathing, and ’s (my dog). The roaring sound of engine, the vehicle vrooming off –sounds that make up a silence. There came desperate eagerness to rip the packaging apart, to put my face into the cake. Time raced by at the speed of a turtle wading its way through masses of sand. My alter (gluttonous) ego reviles the diligent shutterbug character. “Are you done taking photos already?”

‘Shutterbug’ rebukes with a sharp glare. The glare that conveys “Do not touch the cake until I am done taking pictures.” She then proceeds to slicing a piece of cake, for another round of photo taking.

Who can resist?

Perhaps only those amongst the minority of the human race, with relentless willpower, can prolong the restraint.

Emicakes is best known for their durian cakes, but that’s not the only thing they’re adept at. For instance, their newest creation, Choco Truffle Dream, demonstrates the establishment’s versatility and expertise in baking, achieving consistent standard and excellence, be it a durian or chocolate cake.

Compared to the hoard of established chain bakeries in Singapore, this has got to be one of the best (if not the best) chocolate cakes amongst the rest. Specks of dark chocolate bits can be found amidst the thick layer of dark chocolate mousse, sandwiched between thinner layers of chiffon cake. The proportion of mousse to cake yields a moist, luscious texture in every mouthful, all without being overly sinfully rich.

The newly introduced enhanced chiffon recipe, Chiffon+, has 30% less cholesterol compared to regular chiffon cakes. All regular chiffon cakes have now been replaced with the new Chiffon+ with no increase in price.


Thanks to Emicakes, I have 3 Choco Truffle Dream (15cm) cakes to give away!

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Emicakes will contact the 3 winners directly to coordinate the cake collection at your preferred Emicakes outlet.

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*Enjoy 15% discount in the month of January (Choco Truffle Dream is ‘cake of the month’!), and 20% discount from 17-20 January 2013

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