Customise your own burger at Fat Boy’s The Burger Bar

Headed down to Fat Boy’s for my first ever hands-on burger making session with Openrice on Sunday, with the company of several other bloggers!

It was a breezy afternoon, spent with rounds of meat moulding and patty slapping (we were taught to slap the patty against the bowl) going on at the burger joint –all of us anxiously waiting for our turn.

Look at that mighty mass of minced meat! We had the option of pork and beef; the adventurous ones went for a combination of both.

Patty-making tip: Add pork collar to the minced meat for a more succulent patty.

After we were done seasoning and moulding the patties into shape, we proceeded to choose our desired toppings, sauces and burger buns.

The biggest appeal at Fat Boy’s is being able to customise your own burgers. Everyone is entitled to this, not just bloggers attending the hands-on burger making sessions. ;)

To start, choose your patty from beef ($8.80), lamb ($8.80), pork ($8), grilled chicken ($7.50) and salmon ($8.80). Next, choose your burger bun from sesame seed bun ($1.50), whole meal bun ($1.80) and honey oat bun ($1.80). There is a broad range of add-ons, such as Beetroot ($1), pickles ($1), jalapeño ($1), sundried tomatoes ($2), grilled bananas ($1) and grilled pineapple ($1) to name a few. As for the sauces, there’s wasabi mayonnaise, Caesar dressing, smoked chipotle, curry remoulade, mango chutney and more, ranging from $0.50 to $1.50.

Don’t be surprised when you see peanut butter and nutella on that list. “Were they merely there to cater to those with adversely eccentric taste buds?” Sometimes it is through audacious experimentations of unconventional combination of ingredients that yield unexpected surprises.

To complement my pork-and-beef patty (made myself!), I chose the Fried egg ($1.50), Portobello Mushroom ($4.50), Caramelised Onions ($1) with Roasted Garlic Aioli ($0.80) sauce to be sandwiched between Sesame Seed Buns ($1.50).

I totally regretted my decision in mixing pork and beef. Everyone knows it’s unsafe to consume raw pork. I like my beef patties done medium-rare, which is impossible in this case. My patty turned out well-done, hence lacking in moisture and juicy succulence.

(Beef Patty + Sesame Seed Bun + Fatboy’s Homemade BBQ Sauce + Cheddar Cheese + Caramelised Onions = $8.80+$1.50+$1+$1.50+$1=$13.80)

I didn’t want my perception of Fat Boy’s to be ruined in my hands. My burger probably didn’t do justice to Fat Boy’s, and I wanted to try for myself what Fat Boy’s has to offer. I then ordered a basic beef burger with Fatboy’s Homemade BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and caramelised onions. Best decision I made all day.

The patty is moist and juicy, hitting all the right notes. I wouldn’t say that this was the best burger I’ve had, because the burger bun was a letdown. While it isn’t anywhere near revolting, I felt that the buns were a tad dry and definitely does not deserve an A-Star rating.

Apart from the succulent beef patty, another highlight was the Thick Malt Shakes (or milkshakes to put it simply). Milkshakes are also customisable. I ordered a peanut butter & vanilla milkshake ($7.50), and I was instantly hooked upon my first sip. The consistency is sufficiently thick and creamy; you can easily tell good quality ice cream is used.

Other Thick Malt Shakes include chocolate and strawberry, all $7, while add-ons include nutella, marshmallows, crushed oreo, banana and caramel. Alcohol lovers can add a dosage of baileys ($4.50) or kahlua ($4.50) to your slurpable bliss.

Had so much fun with the Openrice crew and bloggers! Pssst, leave a comment here with the link to your Fat Boy’s blog post so I can link you up here ;)

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