HANSANG Korean Restaurant at Grandstand

HANSANG Korean Restaurant at Grandstand proudly and rightfully claims to be Singapore’s biggest Korean restaurant till date. This flagship outlet is the establishment’s third outlet, after its and Novena Square 2 outlets.

Spanning across a whopping 12,500 square feet of space, this spacious 200-seater restaurant houses HANSANG’s central kitchen, 10 VIP rooms and a mini Korean supermarket, LotteMart, which is well stocked with Korean imports that home-sick Koreans residing in Singapore are hankering for.

Assortment of side dishes

In Korean, “HANSANG” describes the generosity and hospitality of the host. In that spirit, this restaurant welcomes all guests to step in and enjoy its splendid spread of Korean cuisine in a cordial environment.

The giant screen in the middle of the restaurant screens popular Korean dramas and K-POP music videos throughout its operating hours. What impresses the most is the sumptuous array of over 100 authentic Korean dishes.

Royal Kimchi

Director of HANSANG, Son Mijin, is an avid cook herself, who serves each dish like she would at home –healthy and tasty, made with love and care, and with barely any MSG. This distinguishes her restaurant from the many other Korean restaurants in Singapore.

Yuja Tea (Honey Citron Tea; $3.50)

To quench your thirst, the Yuja Tea is highly recommended. It is sufficiently-but-not-overly sweet, bursting with a refreshing citrus flavour without an unpleasant sharpness.

To make this at home, you can conveniently purchase Yujacheong in jars (Yuja peel, thinly sliced, marinated in honey), mix a tablespoon of it in hot water, and it’s ready to drink.

This beverage also makes for an effective herbal remedy for common colds.

Haemul Naengchae (Seafood Salad with Mustard Dressing; $22)

To get things started, the seafood salad piques one’s appetite with its potent wasabi-like mustard dressing.

Dubu Jon/Gochu Jon/Saengson Jon (tasting platter)

We had a tasting platter of three different appetisers, comprising tofu pancake, green chilli pancake and fish fillet pancake. The usual portion of each dish will cost $9 for small and $16 for a medium portion.

The Gochu Jon is essentially pancake stuffed with green chilli, pan-seared to a crisp crust. The mild spiciness of the chilli stimulates one’s appetite, while the crispness made it irresistible.

Saengson Jon (Fish Fillet Pancake; $9 for small, $16 for medium)

The springy and crisp Fish Fillet Pancake is a personal favourite.

Goon Mandoo (Pan Fried Dumpling; $13)

Goon Mandoo is the Korean equivalent of Gyoza –pan-fried dumplings stuffed with pork and vegetables.

Ganpoonggi (Dried Chilli & Minced Garlic Chicken; $28)

The Ganpoonggi is a must-try, especially if you’re a fan of Korean fried chicken coated in sauce. Here, the sauce is leniently spiced, garlicky and robust in flavour.

Samgye Tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup; $15/half; $20/whole)

HANSANG’s popular Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup is one of the best I’ve had, if not the best. 50 to 80 bowls are sold per day at its Novena Square 2 outlet.

Using only fresh whole Korean ginseng, and young chicken freshly slaughtered in Johor Bahru, delivered to the restaurant every morning, the flavourful broth also boasts nourishing ingredients such as red dates, pine nuts and ginko nuts.

The chicken is fall-off-the-bone tender, and the soup is tasty without being laden with MSG. Highly recommended.

Mul Naengmyun; Icy Cold Chewy Buckwheat Noodle Soup; $15)

Yolmu Bibimbab ($18)

Instead of an entire portion of white rice, Bibimbab here comes with a mixture of rice and barley, served in a hot stone bowl. This idea actually came about during the war in the 1960s, where barley is used to supplement the shortage of rice.

For a fresh and regular supply of Yolmu (a Korean summer vegetable), Madam Son brought in yolmu seeds from Korea and taught a local farmer how to grow them.

The slightly spicy bean paste soup is poured into the rice, mixing and coating every grain with intense flavour.

US Prime Ribeye ($38 for normal portion)

Their famed Charcoal Barbeque is one of the highlights of our meal. You can choose from a variety of set menus –including USDA Prime Ribeye Set ($100 for 2), Wagyu Set ($148 for 2), Kurobuta Set ($88 for 2), and more –which offer great value for money.

Each set comes with a spread of 6 to 7 side dishes such as sweet potato noodle, pancake, various types of kimchi, anchovies, stew or soup, and hot stone rice.

Modum (Assorted beef platter for two; $58)

Diners can also order from the BBQ à la carte menu, which offers marinated and non-marinated options from red meats to poultry to seafood.

To accompany the succulent meats, three condiments are provided –salt, pepper and sesame, BBQ-based soya sauce and bean paste sauce.

The sophisticated smoke suction system from Korea draws the smoke straight from the grill before it gets dispersed into the air, so you get the sizzle without smelling like one.

US Prime Ribeye on the grill

Yangnyum Galbi (Beef short rib marinated; $35)

The beef short rib is a personal favourite, followed by the Woosamgyub (top grade brisket) and the US Prime Ribeye.

Yangnyum Galbi on the grill

Buffet lovers must not miss out on HANSANG’s Korean Hotpot buffet, reasonably priced under $30.

Buffet Pricing:
Weekend lunch: $23.90++
Weekend Dinner: $28.90++
Weekday Lunch: $19.90++
Weekday Dinner: $23.90++

A selection of cooked food is included in the buffet, including the all-time-favourite Korean rice cakes and sushi.

Hoddeok (Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup)

To end the meal, we had pancakes that are crisp on the edges, sweetened with brown sugar syrup filling.

Korean pears and apples –sweet and crunchy!

HANSANG Korean Restaurant

#02-14 The Grandstand
Singapore 307506