(May-June 2013 Dining Destination Feature: The Grandstand) Veganburg

The Grandstand is an up-and-coming dining destination; a respite from the accustomed hustle; and a realm very unlike the malls in the city that’s thronged with shoppers.

It is a destination where one would deliberately travel the distance for a particular favourite dining spot; it is a destination for the adventurous to explore unfamiliar premises, which may soon be added to the list of regular hangout spots.

Your tummies are assured of being well fed; with the growing number of dining joints, you’re left spoilt for choice.

Before I begin introducing the more indulgent options around the locality of the Grandstand, I would like to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle that I myself have barely any self-restraint in the sense of overindulgence.

I personally can’t survive a day without meat –not that my body relies heavily on meat for survival, but it is the sensual gratification I get upon setting my teeth into succulent meat that I can’t do without.

Thankfully with the introduction of Veganburg, I can do without meat for an entire day without realising so.

Foreground: Vegan Franks ($3.90), Background: Crispy Potato & Spinach Pops ($3.90)

Upon first glance, the Vegan Franks really resemble meat sausages. The familiar sweet, savoury and smoky nuances distract one from registering the vegan-ness of this item. These nutritious tofu sausages sure fooled me for a few moments!

The Crispy Potato & Spinach Pops are highly addictive. Anything deep-fried appeals to me. Here, the crisp morsels aren’t at all greasy. The spinach meld with creamy potato underneath that crisp crust is a great way to trick veggie-haters into eating them.

Smoky BBQ ($7.90 a la carte, $10.80/set meal)

For a substantial meal, order the burgers. Veganburg strives on creating vegan patties that are as satisfying as meat patties, but with less fat and calories, contributing less to your waistline as compared to full-fledged meaty burgers.

Char-Grilled Satay ($6.90 a la carte, $10.80/set meal)

The Char-Grilled Satay is my personal pick. The tender vegan patty is well infused with exotic spices and herbs, and amped up with a robust nutty satay sauce that hits the spot. This burger is high in anti-oxidants they state.

Would have loved to try more items, but the OpenRice food trail has to continue. If you are following me on foursquare, you would’ve noticed the number of dining establishments I’ve visited from 5pm till 11pm on 26th April –six restaurants. It was a night of fun and excitement with the OpenRice team and 5 other bloggers, and I can’t wait to share the rest of my experiences with you. If only we had more time (and stomach space)… there are several other dining establishments at the Grandstand that I’ve yet to try!

Thank you OpenRice and The Grandstand for organising this food trail.

Veganburg @ The Grandstand

Daily: 11.30am – 10pm (last order 9.45pm)
Website: http://www.veganburg.com/

Pictures in this post are taken with the Sony NEX-3N.