Siam Kitchen

Being a regular visitor to the Nex Shopping Mall due to its close proximity to my home, I’m thankful for the wide variety of dining options available there. When craving for Thai cuisine, Siam Kitchen is the go-to place.

Green Mango Salad ($8.30)

Native cooks from Thailand have gone through studious culinary training in their home country before they are qualified to helm the kitchen at Siam Kitchen in Singapore.

Tom Yum Soup ($7.90)

Fish/ Prawn/ Seafood/ Chicken

Thai cuisine incorporates influences from many different regions and is extremely diverse. The menu encompasses Thai dishes that are prepared the same way it is in home kitchens as well as street hawkers all over Thailand.

Minced Chicken Salad with Liver ($8.90)

Also known as Larb Gai, the Minced Chicken Salad is tossed with a generous medley of herbs and aromatics, invigorated with chilli padi and drizzled with fish sauce. Take one bite and you’re instantly transported to Thailand.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup ($7.90)

A trip to a Thai eatery is never complete without ordering the hot, sour and spicy Tom Yum Soup. At Siam Kitchen, diners can choose their preferred choice of protein from fish, prawn, seafood or chicken.

Sesame Prawn Stick ($7.90)

The Sesame Prawn Stick is rather addictive, although the generous specks of sesame seeds can get irksome when they get stuck in between your teeth as you are enjoying the delightful crunch.

Moon Prawn Cakes ($8.90)

Minced prawns are encased in a crispy pastry skin, which provides the only textural contrast needed in this highly addictive treat.

Crab Cakes with Chicken ($10.90)

I apologise for being lazy, because my photo shows nothing of what the Crab Cakes look like. Underneath that jumble of crispy goodness are two crab shells stuffed with minced chicken and crabmeat. This has got to be one of my favourite dishes, but a tad pricey for an appetiser.

Soft Omelette with Prawn & Chilli Fried Rice ($10.90)

Those with a ravaging appetite can go for the Soft Omelette Fried Rice, which comes in a substantial portion, good for two to share alongside side dishes. The soft and fluffy omelette and the wok-hei fragrance of the fried rice is what make this dish exceedingly appealing.

Grilled Tilapia with Chilli Dip ($19.90)

A stalk of lemongrass is shoved down the mouth of a Tilapia, penetrating deep into its body so when grilled, the entire fish is perfumed with the fragrance of lemongrass. The fish remains moist and tender underneath that slight char. Spice lovers will enjoy it with the sambal and the ginger chilli dip.

Grilled Herbs Spring Chicken ($14.90 for half / $18.90 for whole)

The Grilled Herbs Spring Chicken is one of the highlights; it is successfully tender and moist. If Siam Kitchen is able to produce this calibre consistently, I’m certain there will be a high demand for this dish.

Thai Pina Colada ($5.50)

Drinks include the novel Thai Pina Colada, which comprises coconut ice cream and fresh pineapple.

Butterfly Pea with Lime ($4.90)

The Butterfly Pea with Lime comes in a shocking shade of purple, but you will be relieved to know that no artificial colouring is used. The colour is obtained from the petals of Butterfly Pea flowers.

Red Ruby with Coconut Ice Cream ($6.90)

For dessert, the Red Ruby with Coconut Ice Cream flaunts crunchy chestnut, slivers of jackfruit and scoops of delightfully creamy coconut ice cream.

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