Boston Seafood Shack at The Star Vista

Feeling the hunger while at The Star Vista? You have countless of dining options. But if you are craving for seafood and yearn to dine in a chic enclave, Boston Seafood Shack deserves your attention.

This dining concept evokes the soul and atmosphere of small seafood eateries that dot Boston, bringing the hearty flavours of the Bostonian harbour to Singapore.

Despite the unfavourable reviews online, we decided to still venture into the positive possibilities that Boston Seafood Shack has to offer –and turns out the meal exceeded our expectations.

Boston Seafood Shack has gone through several developing stages since it first opened, taking in valuable feedback from diners and constantly improving on both the food and service. It is undeniable they’ve had a rough start, with a large number of dissatisfied customers averse to returning –but one thing for sure is that they have made tremendous progress and deserves renewed evaluation.

The menu is currently in its 3rd stage of refinement, and here’s the verdict from my dining experience.

Clams served with Garlic Bread ($12)

For starters, potential options include molluscs such as clams cooked in white wine in tandem with onion and herbs. Dip the accompanying garlic bread into the sauce and soak up the goodness.

Mussels served with Garlic Bread ($12)

Alternatively you can go for the mussels if you prefer a more substantial bite.

Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Lobster Sauce ($11)

The appetiser of crispy soft shell crab is one of the highlights in the appetiser department. Already a splendid treat on its own, it comes with an intense lobster sauce that’s possibly the basis of the all-time favourite lobster bisque.

Wild Snapper ($14)

Fish & Chips is no longer limited to one variety of fish. At Boston Seafood Shack, you have a choice of Cod Fish, Wild Snapper and Barramundi, all priced at an affordable $14.

Different species of fish comes with different textures and what I like might not please your palates the same way. The battered Wild Snapper didn’t charm me as its texture veers towards the firm side, but the tender and juicy Cod Fish, encrusted in a crispy golden coating, was love at first bite.

Boston Seafood Bucket ($17)

For great value, go for the Boston Seafood Bucket and you get a variety of seafood in one serving – calamari, oyster, prawn, fish and fries – at just $17. This bucket of golden deep-fried goodness is a positive nightmare for your next cholesterol test, but could be worth breaking your strict dieting regime for.

Seafood Grill Platter ($24)

For a less cloying option, the Seafood Grill Platter comes with flavoured rice instead of fries, and all things grilled with the exception of the calamari.

Boston Premium Lobstah Roll ($14)

The Boston Premium Lobstah Roll gives the best value for money spent. For just $14, you get a bun filled with chockfull of lobster chunks that well coated in a creamy piquant dressing, sided with fries and salad.

Baked Seafood Marinara ($14)

A small selection of pasta dishes is also available, but the Baked Seafood Marinara is nothing to shout out. Instead, order the Crabmeat Porcini Cream Sauce if you must have pasta.

Crabmeat Porcini Cream Sauce ($12)

Arriving with generous chunks of crabmeat, this cream based pasta comes with the earthy fragrance of porcini mushroom and adequate dashes of coarse pepper. This is a delight to consume.

Half & Half Cheesecake ($6)

There aren’t many options for dessert, but the Half & Half Cheesecake is pretty decent. It is lighter than regular cheesecake. The portion of cream cheese is halved, with the other half replaced with a pudding-like mousse flecked with vanilla bean.

Snow White ($6)

Flash your SAFRA membership card and enjoy special perks at Boston Seafood Shack! From now till 31 December 2013, enjoy a free upgrade to a meal with a cookie and soft drink with any purchase of a Sandwich, Fish & Chips or Pasta.

Boston Seafood Shack
The Star Vista, #01-46
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617