Just Like It! Opens at Resorts World Sentosa

Just Like It!, founded in Australia, is a revolutionary and modern take on the traditional ice cream making process is where science meets ice cream. Liquid nitrogen is used as a cooling agent to hasten the cooling process, resulting in an incredibly smooth texture with extremely fine and indiscernible ice crystals.

With its new addition of the Resorts World Sentosa outlet, there are four outlets in Singapore to date –including ION Orchard, Tampines 1 and AMK Hub.

Ice cream flavours are made of fresh quality natural ingredients, displayed in quirky flasks in their liquid form.

Upon order, your flavour is then added to an electric stand mixer together with some liquid nitrogen and whisked at high speed till it reaches a thick and smooth consistency –right before your very eyes, at the main focal point of the outlet appropriately named ‘The Lab’.

Each serving of ice cream is made à la minute; hence you find no tubs of frozen ice cream anywhere in the shop.

Patrons are in for a visual treat as well as a quick science lesson. As liquid nitrogen is added to the selected flavour, a copious amount of white vapour is generated.

The designated Research & Development team uses a special technique to churn out almost any flavour possible –tiger beer, jolly shandy, pumpkin, and carrot for instance.

The Tropical Mango ($5.90/$8.50) is a personal favourite. The above picture shows how it looks like in its liquid form, before the cooling agent is added.

The end product is silky smooth and creamy without being too rich.

Mocha Cookies ($5.90/$8.50)

Ice cream comes in two serving sizes, priced from $5.90 to $6.90 for a regular cup and $8.50 to $9.50 for a large cup, depending on the flavour.

The Popcorn and Hazelnut Cheese Crackers are two of their signature flavours that I’ve tried. The latter gets my vote! The crushed cheese crackers add a subtle saltiness to the sweet hazelnut ice cream –ingenious!

Apart from ice cream, customers can also enjoy beverages such as refreshing sodas and the popular iCE Drip Test Tube Coffee, which uses cold water in the brewing process over a span of eight hours.

For more information, visit http://www.just-like.it/

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Just Like It! @ Resorts World Sentosa

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Opening hours: 10am – 10pm daily