Osia rolls out a New Menu (Available from January to March 2014)

Resorts World Sentosa’s award-winning restaurant Osia rolls out a new menu to usher in a brand new year. The new menu by Chef de Cuisine Douglas Tay showcases contemporary western dishes characterised by natural flavours and essences from ingredients that are sourced from all over the world. Creativity and passion prevails throughout the dishes.

Seafood Ice Experience ($36)

The distinctive Seafood Ice Experience has been revamped to the following: Watermelon Raspberry Vinegar with Amaebi; Calamansi Mojito with Hokkaido Scallop; Sourz Apple with Salmon Trout; Coconut with Maine Lobster; Pineapple Rum with Tuna; and Lychee Martini with Oyster.

A commingling of fruity sweetness and oceanic brininess, the Lychee Martini with Oyster is exceedingly popular with the ladies, and is also my personal favourite.

Hokkaido Scallop ($40)

The citrus-cured Hokkaido Scallop galvanised with cauliflower cream, black truffle salsa and seaweed vinaigrette is amongst the “must-tries”. Justice is done to the freshness and succulence of the scallop.

Fjord Trout ($32)

The 42°C confit of Fjord Trout is embellished with trinkets of pineapple vanilla rum jelly, spiced cashew nut and cilantro butter gel. It is as sophisticated in the taste and texture department as it is presented with elegance.

Norwegian Prawn ($25)

Turbot ($55)

The dish of Turbot may seem a little monotonous on the plate, comprising just hues of green and off-whites, but the interplay of shapes and textures chalked up extra points in presentation. Attributing factors include Broccoflower, snap peas, cheddar, salted lemon, and surf clam veloute espuma. The flavour is slightly toned down; it is light on the palate and will please the health-conscious group.

Razor Clam, Atlantic Halibut, Hokkaido Scallop ($70)

For a taste of different seafood on a single plate, go for the trio of Razor Clam, Atlantic Halibut and Hokkaido Scallop.

They are dressed with black garlic paste, green onion puree, potato foam, Iberian chorizo and artichoke barigoule.

Pasture Fed Beef Short Rib ($66)

Having dined at Osia a few times, I conclude Chef Douglas Tay at Osia is exceptionally dextrous in the beef department. He is able to execute a lean cut of beef to such easily disintegrated, tender perfection without losing the satisfying beefy texture.

The new menu brings a new interpretation of his favourite cut of beef. Sous vide at 85°C for 12 hours, the fork-tender Pasture Fed Beef Short Rib is topped with a earthy-nutty chestnut porcini mousseline, and accompanied by black truffle sauce, pulverised cider vinegar, and compressed green apple.

Grain Fed Black Angus Beef Tenderloin ($70)

If you still prefer using the knife on your steak, the utterly moist and juicy Grain Fed Black Angus Beef Tenderloin will gratify. It comes with creamed sunchoke, basil crepe, acquerello rice tomato parmesan, and red wine sauce.

Milk Fed Lamb Short Loin and Breast ($70)

Meat is undoubtedly one of Chef Douglas’ strongest pursuit; even the lamb garnered oohs and ahhs. Traveling companions include swede carrot puree, romanesco crumble, garlic cream spelt and tawny port jus.

Pumpkin with Lemon Mousse, Goat Cheese and Frozen Red Wine ($20)

Chef Douglas continues to impress in the dessert department. The pumpkin dessert drew a lot of attention with the smoky effect of dry ice. The execution of pumpkin and its complements together create a soothingly sweet dance of sensations on the palate.

Macadamia Soufflé ($34)

The Macadamia Soufflé arrives with crunchy praline, banana custard, and sour cream ice, soon to be greedily dug into by the moment it lands.

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