Mr Bean’s Dessert Concept at Bedok Mall with New Savoury Creations

Pearly Mango Paradise ($4.50)

Mr Bean opens a new concept at Bedok Mall, where you can find a range of beancurd-associated desserts –some unique, and mostly inventive.

The Pearly Mango Paradise comprises juicy mango chunks, tapioca pearls, pomelo pulps and smooth soya pudding. The tapioca pearls provide a juxtaposing chewy element to the melt-in-the-mouth texture of beancurd while the mango and pomelo pulp provide sweetness and a little tang.

Tango Twist ($4)

For a more mango-dominated dessert, the Tango Twist comprises mango puree, mango syrup, mango chunks and sago. The absence of beancurd proves to be a downside for ardent fans of Mr Bean’s beancurd.

8 Treasures Beancurd ($3.30)

The 8 Treasures Beancurd is a warm dessert comprising 8 types of beans – red beans, green beans, lotus seeds, yellow beans, great lima beans, red kidney beans, barley and peanuts – set atop warm soothing beancurd. This, however, is a physical nightmare for bean-haters –and unfortunately I happen to be in that category. Oh wells. One man’s meat is another man’s poison! My dining companions seem to enjoy this a lot.

Three’s A Crowd ($4)

There are grass jelly desserts besides beancurd ones. Three’s A Crowd contains grass jelly topped with red beans, soft peanuts and black chewy pearls –which sort of reminds me of a dessert franchise famed for grass jelly desserts (Bl**ahem**ll). I wish we could customise the toppings to our own likings, since the texture of grass jelly would go well with many other ingredients as well and options at Mr Bean are limited as of now.

Tang Yuan ($3.30)

Here comes my favourite part, where we get to play with our food. (YAY) Mr Bean is the first in Singapore to let the young and the young at heart play with traditional foods like the Tang Yuan.

Firstly, pick your dumpling filling – peanut or black sesame – and your choice of coating –Peanut, Black & White Sesame, and Kinako.

Then, the fun begins. Pick the roundish Tang Yuan from the bowl of soya bean milk and dump it in the edible dunes (your coating). Roll it around and allow the particles to stick to the dumpling. Eat. Enjoy, and repeat steps over again for another round of fun and yum.

What’s your favourite drink at Mr Bean? Would you go for the traditional soya milk or perhaps try some exciting new flavours?

Ice Blended Yuzu Soya Milk ($3/$3.50)

The Ice Blended Yuzu Soya Milk is a newish flavour that’s both refreshing and nourishing at the same time. It comes with pineapple pearls that burst with fruity juice once you bite into them.

Oh did I mention, I always grab a pancake almost every time I pass by Mr Bean feeling peckish? Tuna is one of my favourite fillings amongst several others, especially when I crave for something savoury.

Signature Savoury Beancurd ($3.50)

Talking about savoury, do not miss out on Mr Bean’s Signature Savoury Beancurd. Its appellation speaks little of what glorious flavour it possesses. Unsweetened beancurd is topped with minced chicken, mushroom bits, chilli oil, fried shallots, vegetarian floss and vinegar. Sounds like their very own interpretation of “Bak Chor Mee” (local hawker minced meat noodles), without the mee (noodles). With the beancurd as its healthy seemingly-carbohydrate component, it reminds me strongly of “Mapo Tofu”, except this is a tamer, mildly spiced version. This is a must-try.

Bedok Mall (Dessert Concept Store)
311 New Upper Changi Road
#01-94, Singapore 467360

Opening hours: 7am – 10pm daily