Food Republic unveils dramatic and theatrical theme at Westgate Shopping Mall

Food Republic’s latest concept at Westgate shopping mall showcases the best of Singapore’s hawker food in a stunning dramatic fashion, revolving around the themes of theatre and stage drama. The 14,900-square-foot cavernous atrium at the basement of Westgate is bedecked in lush stage curtain drapes, vintage posters and bright spotlights. 22 stalls, including two mini restaurants and two kiosks, are designed to resemble a live theatre set. Even the staffs are aptly dressed in suspenders and paperboy caps to match the theme. On top of that, patrons can look forward to live entertainment and music performances while dining –first in food court history!

You Men HK Roast – Mix Platter Combination ($19)

All tenants are meticulously handpicked based on strict standards to satisfy fussy taste buds, some of which are highly rated and well sought-after food stalls from across the island –this is why Food Republic has always been my preferred choice for food court dining.

Mei Shi Quan Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee – Black & White Fried Carrot Cake ($6)

If you’re indecisive on whether to order the black or white version of Fried Carrot Cake, Mei Shi Quan Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee stall offers a combination of both black and white –now you can have the best of both worlds on one plate.

Original Fish Village – Twin Fish Bee Hoon ($6.30)

If I had to choose one hawker food to eat everyday for the rest of my life, fish soup (with the standards of Original Fish Village stall, encompassing fresh generous chunks of fish, steeped in a tasty comforting broth) is something I will never get sick of.

Qiu Lian Traditional Ban Mee – Ban Mee ($4)

Food Republic brings in one of the most popular Ban Mee hawker stalls in Singapore – Qiu Lian Traditional Ban Mee that first started out in 1988 – to its premises so fans can enjoy this hot piping bowl of handmade noodle soup in a comfortable air-conditioned atrium.

Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles – Li Xin Speciality Noodle ($6)

Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles stall has been winning hearts since 1968 and continues doing so at their latest stall at Westgate. The secret to Li Xin’s amazing fishballs lies in two things: superior yellowtail fish meat and freshness. Fishballs are made twice daily and kept chilled in cold water, never frozen, to maintain the soft, bouncy and succulent texture.

Their special blend of chilli sauce, accompanied by house-fried crispy lard, combined with top-notch fishballs and fish dumplings, add to an irresistible dish. The Li Xin Speciality Noodle that comes with a variety of fishballs, fish dumplings and fish cake is available only at Food Republic Westgate.

Chinatown Tan’s Tutu Coconut Cake – Coconut/Peanut Tutu Kueh ($3 for 5 pcs)

Apa Rojak – Apa Rojak ($4/$5)

What makes the rojak from Apa Rojak so addictive is the sauce, which owner Christine Apa makes using a 40-year-old recipe.

Xi De Li Fried Fritters – You Tiao ($1), Glutinous Bun ($1), 3-in-1 Nian Gao ($1)

Chinatown Beef Noodle – 4 Treasures Beef ($8/$12)

Saravanaa Bhavan Indian Vegetarian – Saravanaa Special Meal ($7.50)

Catering to the vegetarian crowd, this stall serves up fine North Indian meals.

Woo Lee Jeeb Dae Bak Korean Cuisine – Hot Stone Mixed Rice ($7)

Singapore is a melting pot of cuisines, so is Food Republic. Apart from Singapore hawker fare, there’s an international selection of Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and more.

Miso Japanese Cuisine – Chicken Teriyaki + Salmon ($6.80)

Miso Japanese has 11 outlets to date, offering wholesome meals including bento sets. The health conscious group will be enthralled by the fact that their homemade Teriyaki sauce is naturally sweetened with apples instead of sugar.

Little Hanoi Noodle Bar – Fresh Spring Roll ($3.90)

Little Hanoi Noodle Bar specialises in affordable and contemporary Northern Vietnamese cuisine.

Little Hanoi Noodle Bar – Fried Spring Roll ($3.90)

The Fried Spring Roll is especially addictive!

Little Hanoi Noodle Bar – Sugarcane Shrimps ($6.90)

Also receiving many nods of approval is the Sugarcane Shrimps –meat wrapped around a sugarcane skewer and deep-fried to succulent golden brown perfection.

Hot Hot Pot – Xiang Guo ($25 for 4 pax)

Hot Hot Pot’s Xiang Guo is one of the highlights –a large bowl containing a mishmash of ingredients fragrantly tossed in Sichuan spices. The spice level can be customised according to diners’ preferences.

With almost 100 different varieties of hawker fare coupled with live entertainment and music performances, Food Republic at Westgate is all set to excite, entice and entertain.

Food Republic @ Westgate
3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily