Madam Kwan’s Truly Malaysian Cuisine at VivoCity

Food is always a talking point amongst Singaporeans; we travel across the island and for some even across the globe for the love of food. Our neighbouring country, Malaysia, for instance, is a dining destination popular amongst Singaporeans for its richly flavoured dishes. Many have travelled to Malaysia for a taste of Madam Kwan’s famed nasi lemak. The opening of the 200-seater outlet in VivoCity, Singapore, brought innumerable joy to fans in Singapore.

Nasi Lemak ($13.90)

What’s so great about Madam Kwan’s Nasi Lemak? Well, everything. From the aromatic coconut steamed rice, to the sambal ikan bilis elevated with caramelised onion, to the dried shrimp floss and acar, to the fresh and crunchy cucumber. The most crucial part of this dish, to have diners craving and returning for more, is the rich and irresistible chicken curry. Albeit a tad pricey for a plate of nasi lemak, you’ll definitely not be short-changed on flavour.

For a whole lot of Chicken Curry goodness, order separately at $14.90 for 4 pieces or $8 for 2 pieces.

Nasi Bojari ($18.90)

The Nasi Bojari is another popular item on the menu, arriving with Madam’s tri-coloured rice, assam prawns, beef rendang and deep fried chicken drumstick –that’s quite a variety on a plate. The chicken drumstick is well marinated and deep-fried to succulent perfection with a crisp skin. Order an additional portion of Fried Chicken Drumstick at $8.90 each.

Madam’s Curry Fish Head ($49) is another wow, brimming with red snapper fish head, lady’s finger, tomatoes, onions, long beans, brinjal and dried beancurd in a rich and flavourful curry. It is also available in assam broth for those who like the tanginess.

From 15 to 31 July 2014, Madam Kwan’s will also be serving up the otak-otak fried rice ($13.90) for a limited time. Chunks of otak-otak lend a hit of spice and aroma as well as a contrasting smooth and springy texture to the rice.

Chendol ($4.90)

Dessert-wise, the Chendol will not disappoint. The secret for the favourable outcome lies in the gula Melaka. The Sago Gula Melaka ($4.90) is also worth ordering.

Banana Fritters with Ice Cream ($8.90)

For a taste of refined Malaysian street food, order the Banana Fritters that comes with vanilla ice cream and golden syrup. Pineapple fritters are also available –I wonder how that would taste!

Madam Kwan’s
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