(Mid-Autumn Festival) Paradise Group

It is almost a trend that hotels and restaurants are putting their own stamp of ownership on mooncakes, accompanied by uniquely designed packaging and boxes, bringing new flavours each year to call them their own creations. Paradise Group jumped on the bandwagon swiftly after its inception in 2008, giving consumers more options in the mooncake market.

Assorted Petite Snowskin ($28 for a box of 4/$50 for a box of 8)

The box of Assorted Petite Snowskin includes Earl Grey, Hakka Lei Cha, Roasted Coffee and Mocha flavours. Out of the four unique flavours, the Earl Grey Snowskin Mooncake carries the most appeal, with a soothing tea scent that isn’t too peculiar for unadventurous palates.

While the coffee flavoured mooncakes amounted to a death sentence in my books, I wasn’t ready to strike Paradise Group off the list. I headed down to the Mid-Autumn fair at Takashimaya and gave their mooncakes another try. The Signature Petite Black & White Truffles ($30 for a box of 4/$54 for a box of 8) encased elegantly in black and white snowskin and laced with the alluring scent of truffles is concluded as Paradise Group’s best bet.

Mooncakes are housed in a sturdy casing overlaid with a golden sheen, one that many of us would keep as a resplendent jewellery or storage box. This is one of my favourite mooncake packagings this year!

Paradise Group’s mooncakes are available from 1 August to 8 September 2014 at its 20 outlets across Singapore and also at the mooncake booth at Takashimaya Square.

For orders above 30 boxes, email

For more information, see: https://www.paradisegroup.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/mooncake-brochure-2014-mid-res.pdf