(Mid-Autumn Festival 2014) Hello Kitty Mooncakes by The Icing Room

I am not going to rave about something that tastes bad just because it comes in the shape of Hello Kitty, just because I’m a fan of Hello Kitty (don’t judge). Thankfully the Hello Kitty mooncakes from The Icing Room did not need to use the Hello Kitty logo as its saving grace at all, because the mooncakes are decently done and would not incur strong rejections.

The Hello Kitty mooncakes come in two flavours: White Lotus with Cranberries and White Lotus with Macadamia Nuts. I prefer the former for its sweet fruity bits with pastry and lotus paste reminds me of the well-married “raisin in bread” combination.

Affordably priced at $26.80 for a box of 4 mooncakes (2 pieces of each flavour), the pretty-in-pink packaging doubles as a carrier. Only 800 boxes are available!

Those who’ve missed the early bird specials, fret not. From 18 August to 8 September 2014, enjoy a special price of $48 for 2 boxes of mooncakes (usual price at $53.60). There’s also a 15% off promo code for orders made on The Icing Room delivery website (code revealed on their ).