(Mid-Autumn Festival 2014) Mooncakes from BreadTalk

BreadTalk, one of Singapore’s most popular bakeries, brings forth a range of expertly baked and delectable snowskin mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival.

What I love most about baked mooncakes is not the lotus paste filling, but the ‘skin’, aka the golden brown pastry. I give BreadTalk’s pastry two thumbs up, for the fragrance, taste and texture successfully linked me to my childhood days.

Mooncakes are available in a few packages: JOYOUS (8 mini-piece box, $52.80), INDULGENCE (4-piece box, $52.80 for Lotus with Yolk Blend or $48 for Lotus with Melon Seeds), PRESTIGE (4-piece box, $58.80 for ‘Wu Ren’ + Olive Kernel with Single Yolk or $53.80 for Lotus with Yolk Blend + Lotus with Macadamia & Yolk Blend), and ROYAL (10-piece box, $88.80).

Lotus with Melon Seeds

BreadTalk uses Trehaalose – a sweetening ingredient of premium quality that is less sweet than regular sugar – in their mooncakes.

A notable mooncake variety is one that encompasses a special egg yolk blend that’s evenly distributed within the mooncake so that every slice renders a proportionate amount of egg yolk.

JOYOUS (8 mini-piece box, $52.80)

Snowskin mooncakes come in four flavours – Coffee Baileys, Whiskey, Black Sesame and Double Chocolate – that involves an epicentre of Valrhona chocolate truffle with different fillings such as 12-year old Macallan whisky and Baileys Irish Cream.

The Black Sesame Snowskin Mooncake is a personal favourite, and possibly the best Black Sesame flavoured mooncake in the market this year. The intensity of the black sesame paste is sublime. If you enjoy the Black Sesame Paste dessert, you will love this ‘solid’ version.

The INDULGENCE and JOYOUS mooncake boxes echo gift boxes that remind one of special celebratory occasions, such as birthdays and Christmas. The boxes are adorned with a luminous bronze-embossed print of the Mid-Autumn motif –a cheery illustration of rabbits and butterflies.

The ROYAL (10-piece box, $88) is a stunning rhinestone-studded three-tier jewellery box that houses a combination of 10 regular and mini mooncakes including Lotus with Yolk Blend, Olive Kernel with Single Yolk, Lotus with Melon Seeds, Lotus with Macadamia and Lotus with Cranberries.

For more information, visit breadtalk.com.sg