10 life hacks that you wish you knew

1) Party idea, a new way of serving cocktails

2) How to open a beer bottle without any tools

3) Create your own popsicle stick with gummy bears and sprite

4) Eatable Magarita

5) Dessert sushi (I am so trying this!)

6) A more convenient way of eating Pringles

7) Cutest healthy breakfast

8) Easily available and inexpensive cookbook holder

9) Prevent splatters when using an electric whisk

10) DIY chip bowl

And a bonus:

11) Homemade heart-shaped granola bar

Combine your favourite breakfast cereal with a drizzle of maple syrup and olive oil in heart-shaped baking mould and bake at 165 degree Celcius for 30 minutes or until done.

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The top 10 life hacks were extracted from 1000lifehacks.com.