Marina South Curry House -Comforting Tze Char Fare in the CBD

Marina South Curry House fuels the CBD (Central Business District) crowd with a rustic taste of Singaporean-Malaysian tze char fare. The interior is reminiscent of a refurbished coffeehouse from the 70s era, with vintage elements that prompt diners of the good old times.

Heading the kitchen is Chef Gan Seong Teik, whom hails from Ipoh with over 40 years of cooking experience and has cooked in restaurants around the globe such as Mexico (1 year), Japan (1 year), Taiwan (3 years) and New Zealand (8 years).

If you ask me, I would say he has far better prospects tossing woks in foreign or western countries to pander to the homesick Asian expats and spreading the magnificence of the Asian food culture, rather than competing with like-minded countrymen. But he has chosen to settle down in Singapore at his current age of 56, as it is of closer proximity to his hometown. The CBD crowd get to benefit from it!

Fish head Bee Hoon ($7.90 for single portion/$18.90 for 2-3 pax, served in claypot)

The signature Fish Head Bee Hoon warms the stomach with a comforting broth that’s rich, milky and thick without the addition of milk, and tasty without the use of MSG in the cooking process. It is made up of a combination of ingredients simmered for over 6 hours. Fresh chunks of sea bass bring glee to fish lovers, with thinly sliced ginger refreshing the palate between sips and bites.

Silky Egg Hor Fun ($8.90)

The Silky Egg Hor Fun is another highlight. A simple delight to city dwellers at an affordable price, the Hor Fun’s thick and tasty gravy brings immense comfort. The Hor Fun (flat rice noodles) would benefit from more wok-hei and char –that’s a miniscule point away from distinction.

Salted Egg Chicken Wing ($12.90)

Crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside, the Salted Egg Chicken Wing is fried to perfection. My only gripe was the subdued flavour of salted egg; the wings could have been more generously coated with it.

Sauteed French Beans with Salted Egg ($9.90)

My fondness for salted egg is becoming apparent, as you can tell from what I’ve ordered. The Sauteed French Beans with Salted Egg come with crunchy bits that made consuming veggies more appealing. A healthier but equally tasty veggie option would be the Luohan Chye ($9.90) that comes with Luohan tofu, taupok, mushroom and small bok choy.

Kapitan Chicken ($8.90 for individual/$14.90 for sharing)

Another recommended dish with high flavour intensity is the Kapitan Chicken from the “Curry” section, well coated with a blend of spices and aromatics. The Red Curry Chicken ($6.90) fails to impress; the flavour is one-dimensional, strongly of curry powder with minimal fragrance.

Buah Long Long ($3.90)

For something to sip on, the refreshing Buah Long Long drink is a must-try. The rather sour juice is immediately elevated with an appealing sweetness once mixed in with the plum paste.

A commonly eaten fruit in Malaysia, this is how the Buah Long Long fruit looks like.

Marina South Curry House
100AM, Amara Shopping Centre
#03-14, 100 Tras Street
Singapore 079027
Facebook page:

Opening hours: 11.30am to 4pm, 5pm to 9.30pm daily