Jetstar launches new inflight menu

Flying with a budget airline is a great opportunity to save money, and it need not be a nettlesome experience. Jetstar is recognised as one of the best low cost carrier in the region, having received numerous awards over the years. My flight experiences with Jetstar have always been pleasant.

This month, I travel to Bangkok for leisure. Catching wind of the news about Jetstar’s new inflight menu, my grounds for flying with Jetstar mount up.

The aircraft took off from Singapore’s Changi Airport with no delay at all, and arrived in Bangkok ahead of schedule.

Seats with extra legroom are located at the exit rows. You can select your preferred seats when booking your flights.

On board the plane, hot drinks are priced at $3 for coffee, milk tea, milo or hot chocolate, cold drinks at $4 for Coca-Cola, sprite, root beer, ice tea or minute maid pulpy juice, and alcoholic beverages like beers from $5 to $6 and wines at $7. Snacks are priced from $2 to $4 (Pringles, Pizza Pretz, Popcorn Cheese Flavour, Honey Roasted Mixed Nuts and Party Snack).

Udon Noodles ($11)

Those feeling peckish can explore the Hot Meals section featuring noodle and rice meals at $11, or grab a sandwich at $6. The new inflight menu introduces four satisfying items: Udon Noodles, Chicken Rice, Vegetarian Thai Green Curry, and Chicken Tikka Masala.

Hot Meal Combos save you $1, at just $14 for a combination of any hot meal and non-alcoholic drink.

The Chicken Rice is a crowd pleaser with tender succulent chicken thigh doused in a soya sauce and sesame oil based gravy, accompanying fragrant steamed rice that’s moist and tasty, sided with oriental vegetables. Who says airplane food is awful? Jetstar clearly abolishes that stereotype.

Twelve Cupcakes Chocolate Chocolate Cupcake ($4)

Jetstar has tied up with Twelve Cupcakes to serve delicious chocolate cupcakes on board. Indulge in the moist and chocolaty-rich treat while traversing in mid-air. Simply top up $6 for the Twelve Cupcakes Chocolate Chocolate Cupcake and Hot Beverage Combo.

Leaving Bangkok is usually dreadful. The non-stop shopping and eating ceases, and hectic lifestyle in Singapore resumes. The only consolation is that we get to fly at a budget price in comfort, with yummy food on board.

Highly impressed with the food previously, our family of three decided to order all four items on the menu. The aircrew further mentioned that flights departing from Bangkok replenish the food supply from the kitchen in Bangkok, hence the food may differ slightly in taste comparing to what we had departing from Singapore.

Expectedly, both the Chicken Rice and Udon Noodles are significantly more flavourful (oops, sorry team Singapore). It’s not that the Singapore version is bad (because it already is delicious); it’s just that the Thais display greater expertise in the flavour department. The roast chicken has a nice char and smoky fragrance, well marinated throughout, while remaining tender and moist through the whole packaging process. The taste and aroma of the rice differs from the Singaporean Chicken Rice, both tasty in different ways. I love how moist the rice is, still shy of being mushy.

The portion of the Udon Noodles seemed to have downsized, almost half of the Singapore version, but flavour-wise this version reigns supreme.

The Vegetarian Thai Green Curry fails to impress; the vegetables don’t make up a satisfying whole. A meat option would be more desirable, as the base flavour of the green curry is rich and palatable.

The Chicken Tikka Masala is decent, with basmati rice aromatic with spices, and chicken moist and tender and well infused with flavour.

The taste of the food items surpasses average café standards in Singapore without a doubt. Food and drinks are also fairly affordable on board the plane. My only disappointment was that although the menu offers Movenpick Ice Cream, it wasn’t available on both flights I took.

Meals on board Jetstar are worth trying!

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