Crab Fiesta at PARKROYAL, Plaza Brasserie (5 July-31 Aug 2012)


The Crab Fiesta is happening at Plaza Brasserie, PARKROYAL from now till 31 August 2012!

I know what you’re thinking. “How apt. Melicacy, who doesn’t fancy crabs, is at the Crab Fiesta.”

Mercifully I am not allergic to crustaceans; neither do I entirely abolish crabs from my diet due to health reasons.

“I just avoid it due to the hassle of eating it.” You are probably bored of this repeated statement (I have mentioned this at least 3 times in my blog recently!), but I am reciting this sedulously in hopes that chefs out there who come across my humble blog can come up with more dishes that don’t require the painstaking prying and cracking of crab shells.

Plaza Brasserie makes crab-eating slightly easier by dissecting the crabs and pre-cracking the shells before laying them out in the buffet spread. You still need to get your hands dirty, and spend a little effort dislodging the meat from the shell; but the amount of effort needed is trimmed tremendously.

Ready yourself with a napkin, and voracious enthusiasm, because the free-flow of crabs is no child’s play.

Alongside traditional favourites such as Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Butter Crab and Salted Egg Yolk Crab, Chef Jackson has come up with a variety of flavours and novel interpretations of crab such as Thai Green Curry Mud Crab in Sichuan Style, Stir fried Sri Lanka Crabs with XO Sauce and Crab Meat Le Mein with Miso Paste.
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Irvin’s Live Seafood House


Continuing with the Jalan Leban foodie outing post…… (Check out my review of Leban HK Café here)

You can hardly miss the glimpse of Irvin’s Live Seafood House’s signboard whenever you drive pass Jalan Leban.

Irvin’s Live Seafood House – formerly known as Irvin’s Seafood Cze Char that used to be a non-air-conditioned cze char stall along the stretch of shophouses at the junction of Zion Road and River Valley Road – is now thriving in its new location. It has progressed and relocated to a bigger, air-conditioned, restaurant.

Old customers who used to patronise the Cze Char stall – who travelled all the way there only to be disappointed with a totally different establishment that has taken over the space – can now find comfort in the fact that their favourite stall hasn’t ceased operations.

VIP rooms

Besides its new interior, and the addition of live aquariums and two VIP rooms hidden behind sliding doors, Irvin has stepped up efforts to enliven the menu, teaming with Chef Yap Kim Fatt’s new creations.

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