(Lunar New Year 2015) Min Jiang, Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore


Blessings of Fortune ($88 for 1kg, available for takeaway at the Deli)

This Lunar New Year, Goodwood Park Hotel stirs up buzz with its exquisite goodies by the brilliant pastry team, such as the Blessings of Fortune cake encompassing dark chocolate fudge cake swathed in crimson and gold icing and adorned with milk chocolate gold coins, dark chocolate ingots and golden rice crispies, and also the gleaming Golden Prosperity Pumpkin, a cashew nut cake coated with gold icing, both available at the Deli from 29 January to 5 March 2015.

Golden Prosperity Pumpkin ($88 for 1kg)

These stunning creations are bound to be the centre of attraction at house parties.

Kanpachi and Tuna “Yu Sheng” ($138 for large, available for dine-in only at Min Jiang)

Chef Chan Hwan Kee of Min Jiang elevates the traditional Yu Sheng to a new level with great flavour profile and complementing textures, featuring a fresh seafood stars, kanpachi and tuna, along with a lofty stack of mesclun greens, strips of radish, carrot, red ginger, jellyfish and fried silver cod fish, a sprinkling of pine nuts, sweet potato and yam crisps, ground peanuts, sesame seeds and ‘pok choy’ (crispy golden ‘pillows’), tossed in his own concoction of the highly coveted plum-wasabi-lime juice sauce.

Assorted Fruits and Vegetables “Lo Hei” ($80/$130, available for dine-in only at Min Jiang at One-North)

Those looking for a different take on Yu Sheng can seek solace in the Assorted Fruits and Vegetables “Lo Hei” by Chef Goh Chee Kong of Min Jiang at One-North.

This extravagant salad masterpiece is delicately laid out with plum slices, pomelo-mango bits, and an assortment of dragonfruit, mango, rock melon and cucumber. Providing a crunchy textural contrast are crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, toasted pine nuts and strips of yam, sweet potato and sweet crisps. Binding all this vibrant array of ingredients is an appetising dressing made of mustard, sesame sauce and fruit juice.

Joy of Abundance ($298 for 6 persons, available for takeaway or dine-in at Min Jiang)

The new and noteworthy Joy of Abundance is a hand-painted salt-crusted delight encasing the eel maw, a rarity on dining tables.

Diners are spurred into breaking the salt-crusted creation with a hammer, revealing a flavourful sack of treasures –eel maw stuffed with dace fish paste, Australian 10-head abalones, dried oysters, dried scallops, flower mushrooms, and ‘fa cai’ (black moss).

Braised Pork Belly in Tianjin Cabbage Roll with Sea Treasures ($248 for 6 persons, available for takeaway or dine-in at Min Jiang at One-North)

The Braised Pork Belly in Tianjin Cabbage Roll with Sea Treasures is a highlight, boasting tender-to-the-T pork belly seasoned with garlic, ginger and spring onions, tenderly slow-cooked for 5 hours, added with Sichuan pickled cabbage and steamed for another 2 hours to reach its flavourful peak. The pork is then wrapped in Tianjin cabbage and steamed for 10 minutes, served with sea cucumber, Australian 10-head abalones, dried oysters, dried scallops, flower mushrooms and ‘fa cai’ (black moss), on a bed of soft Tianjin cabbage.

Durian “Nian Gao” Roll (Takeaway at $28 for 2 rolls, Dine-in at $18 for 6 slices, available at Min Jiang & Min Jiang at One-North)

Fans of the King of Fruits can take delight in the new Durian “Nian Gao”, essentially luscious D24 durian paste accompanied by layers of ‘gula Melaka’-infused ‘nian gao’, dusted with coconut flakes for the finishing touch.

Grilled Pork Jerky (‘Bak Kwa’) ($50 for 600g, $78 for 1kg)

If there’s one bak kwa brand my family favour the most, it has to be Goodwood Park Hotel’s, made and grilled in-house. We heard that during their R&D, the chef actually came up with chilli-flavoured bak kwa but it didn’t manage to get enough votes to go on the shelves!

‘Chiku’ Chips (Arrowhead) ($24.80 per jar)

The ‘Chiku’ Chips is another highly addictive snack, a staple at our home every year!

To place takeaway orders or reservations, call Min Jiang at (65) 6730 1704, Min Jiang at One-North at (65) 6774 0122, and the Deli at (65) 6730 1786. Visit festivepromotions.goodwoodparkhotel.com for online takeaway orders. Advance order of three working days is required takeaways and the last order date is 2 March 2015 at