Catalunya’s Weekend Brunch (Saturdays and Sundays, 12.30pm to 3.30pm)


Catalunya in Singapore extends its popular Sunday buffet brunch to take place on Saturdays as well. Partake in a Spanish gastronomic journey from 12.30pm to 3.30pm. Unlike other buffets, Catalunya’s brunch experience comes in stages, so you’ll feel obliged to stay through the entire 3-hour sitting.

The high ceiling allows loads of natural sunlight into the dining room, making for the perfect brunch setting, great for instagramming your food too. Natural lighting = great photos!

@melicacy: One of the most exciting weekend brunch experiences you can find in Singapore! Begin the meal with some very well curated salads, anchovies, ceviches and jamon at the buffet station, order the creamy and foamy modern interpretation of Spanish omelette, the comforting Estrellado of scrambled egg on potatoes, and the Bikini sandwich encompassing iberico, cheese and truffle, a skinny sandwich that amazingly packs so much flavour. The party truly begins when mains are being served. The atmosphere turns lively with music and dancing and clapping, and the throwing of plates, true Spanish style. The suckling pig is utterly moist, juicy and tender, one of the best I’ve had. Finish off with dainty desserts that also arrive in jubilant fashion. I thought the view was spectacular, then with all the delicious goodness, the view was just secondary. What a happy place!

Warm crusty breads and croissants served at the table.

The buffet is inclusive of free flow of juices. How about some bubbly-cava to accompany the meal? Simply add $48++ for free flow of cocktails and wines throughout the entire buffet.

Coffees are also included in the $48 top-up. There’s the latte, and there’s the Spanish Latte. Try the latter!

Salads, appetisers, fish (raw, marinated and pickled), Spanish cured meats, cold cuts, cheeses and stews are beautifully presented at the buffet station in a myriad of colours and textures.

I’m usually less inclined to take photos of individual dishes at the buffet stations, but here each dish is beautifully and daintily presented, replenished regularly as opposed to piling up into massive portions.

The beef tartare is a top pick at the buffet spread. Hardly get to enjoy such good quality of beef tartare at a buffet, if any at all!

By the way there’s this really amazing buttery toffee spread that’s perfect for the breads. You have got to try this!

From the menu, order the Estrellados –scrambled eggs served on a bed of potato with your choice of ham, chorizo or mushroom, cooked a la minute.

The skinny Bikini sandwich is a must-have; it’s a decadent treat of jamon, truffle and cheese between grilled thin slices of bread.

The vegetarian version comes with zucchini, cheese and pesto.

“The Other Spanish Omelette” is a modern twist to the traditional Spanish Omelette of onion, egg yolk and potato foam, served in a martini glass.

When the clock strikes, the show begins. Music please. Specialties like the Suckling Pig “Segovian Style” and Paella are served to the tableside and individually portioned out. The crew start dancing and diners clapping. The atmosphere is turned into a joyous state.

The suckling pig is chopped up using a plate –goes to show how soft the bones have become!

The suckling pig is indeed one of the biggest highlights for the palate. All that juice from the meat oozes when you take a bite.

Salt-baked fish, set into a flame before your very eyes!

Part two of the music, dancing and clapping occurs when it’s time for desserts!

Catalunya takes the prize for having the most exciting brunch! Great food, great atmosphere, great fun.

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