(Recipe) Homemade Noodles with Stir-fried Minced Pork & Long Beans


Here’s a simple but nutritionally balanced noodle dish comprising meat and vegetables, inspired by Dan Dan Noodles. The egg noodles are homemade using the trusty Philips Advance Collection Noodle Maker, comprising of just plain flour, water and egg. Many homemakers are turning to making their own pasta and noodles from scratch for health reasons, and Philips has made it so easy for all of us. I’ll be sharing more recipes that highlight the versatility of the noodle maker in upcoming posts, but first, this is one recipe that I always stick to for a quick and delicious meal.
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CP Foods’ Pork and Chicken Gyoza


CP Foods introduces the new Pork and Chicken Gyozas just in time for Lunar New Year –the annual festive celebration that means incessant steamboat feastings and nibbling on goodies. Perfect for any occasions, the gyozas taste good steeped in soup (think: steamboat), steamed, pan-fried or deep-fried. The combination of pork and chicken brings a whole new level of succulence. For an added touch of vegetal flavour and texture, you can go for the one stuffed with chives.

These ready-made dumplings are easy to prepare and requires no defrosting. You can even microwave them. How about a simple homemade noodle soup dish with boiled gyozas? (I used the Philips Advance Noodle Maker for the noodles.) The CP Foods Pork and Chicken Gyoza retails at $5.90 per pack, available at major supermarkets.