My take on Shark Fin

Growing up, I wasn’t deprived of delicacy such as Shark Fin; it is a common staple in chinese dinners/wedding dinners. When I was young, I used to look forward to the shark fin soup whenever there’re such dinners, ignorant of the fact that shark fin is actually tasteless -it was the broth that I was mesmerized with. I’ve never liked the texture of shark fin, and I would always pick them out and just slurp up the luscious soup.

When I grew older, I learnt that the delicious soup can be achieved with the right seasonings – without the addition of shark fin – since the fin itself is tasteless.
At a recent Chinese New Year tasting session, there was shark fin soup on the menu. I’m not against the idea of eating shark fin, since I do know people who actually enjoy it. However, I wish more publicity would be made to discourage the eating of shark fin, or perhaps make it less easily available.
I enjoyed the soup thoroughly, drinking to the last drop! but felt terribly guilty of not finishing the fin. Well, as much as I didn’t want the shark to die for nothing, I can’t force myself to eat something I dislike.

^Picture of he leftover shark fin, gone to waste. I did try some, before finally deciding that I really don’t like the texture at all.

Here’s Gordon Ramsay’s take on Shark fin

What’s your take on Shark Fin?