HungryBBQ Barbeque Party – a smokin’ good time

Thanks HungryBBQ team for the invitation! (Do visit their website for their services)
Previously I had an experience with HungryBBQ (you may view the blog entry here) at a friend’s party, I wasn’t totally impressed because my fish was overdone – I’m totally anal about my fishes tender – decided to check out what else they have to offer, and awaiting to be impressed.

Along with a few other bloggers, AiMakan, Moonberry and Keropokman to name a few, we made our way down to their cosy home for an informal BBQ session!

They were such good hosts, warm and friendly, and we didn’t leave empty handed! I’ll keep you in suspense, till I put the goodies to good use!

Catching a glimpse of what’s on the BBQ rack; we were happily seated and chatting while waiting for the food. If you want to hire their BBQ guy to do all that cooking, it’ll cost $90 for the first 3 hours and $15 for subsequent hours.

The prawns. are. huge.

And I totally appreciated the fact that they didn’t slice the salmon into smaller pieces. Love the generous large slaps of salmon. Imagine all the moisture sealed within while on the grill.

For the carnivores, this is your heaven; premium steak, lamb, chicken fillets, chicken wings, satays, cheese hotdogs and chicken franks are some of the items available. There’s no pork on the menu though, since HungryBBQ is HALAL certified. Even if you bring your own pork, the BBQ guy will refuse to touch that :) But if you have any other items that you’d like him to BBQ, he’ll gladly oblige!

For starters, we had the portobello mushrooms that were oh-so-juicy, with melted cheese atop. Smooth earthy flavours with just the right amount of richness from the cheese -I enjoyed it & even had a second one!

Garlic bread was left out for way too long and it turned cold :(

Sausages were decently yummy & bear no resemblance to the supermarket chicken franks that we would use as a last resort at last minute BBQ parties.

Chicken wings are always the hot favourite in BBQ parties! I saw many remnants of bones in the other blogger’s plates :)

The black pepper chicken fillet looks tough but they were surprisingly tender. It was expertly cooked and I ate more of these compared to the chicken wings, since they were less of a mess to consume!

Another hot favourite would be the Satays. They taste nothing like the mass-produced satays you get from random suppliers. and the sauce is delicious -I could dip anything into it and it would taste awesome.

Finally, the star of the evening.
The salmon had me at hello – I was totally won over – It was perfectly seasoned and punctuated with nice touches of herbs, the texture is smooth, velvety, tender, that almost melts in the mouth; it was so moist within, I had nothing but praises of this dish.

Moving on to dessert, provided a myriad of ice cream flavours, from white coffee to kiwi to durian to rum & raisin.

My favourites are the Vanilla & Pistachio and Atap Chee (Palm Seeds). The Grape surprised me with the natural flavours that I quite enjoyed rather than the typical artificial grape flavours. I enjoyed the Teh Tarik as well, since that’s a drink I’d typically like to order.

Did I enjoy myself?
Good food and good company, what’s more to ask for?

Moonberry, AiMakan and I

Joey and I

For more information on the food and services, do visit their websites.