Chiso Zanmai, Japanese Buffet Restaurant from Osaka

The Osaka-based Chiso Zanmai Japanese Buffet Restaurant hits our sunny island, with its first outlet outside of Japan, situated at The Central, Clarke Quay.

The buffet spread features over 100 seasonal Japanese items, split into four categories – Sushi and Sashimi, Cold Section, Hot Section, and Desserts – that will exhilarate the buffet aficionados.

What’s more, the buffet is affordably priced –starting from $14.90++ for a weekday lunch, to $29.90++ for a weekend dinner.

The area is huge and spacious, with a whopping capacity of 200 diners.

Sushi and Sashimi

The sushi and sashimi section itself comprises at least 20 varieties, neatly displayed for your pick.

Eel, Spicy Fish Roll, Egg, Prawn, Ebiko, Crab Stick, Tempura Prawn Roll and California Roll are available, just to name a few.

Cold Section

From the Sashimi section, other than the freshly sliced sashimi, salmon lovers can enjoy various renditions of the fish, with the Marinated Salmon with Yuzu Flavour and the Sashimi Salmon & Vegetable with Sweet Rice Vinegar –both of which I greatly enjoyed.

Potato Salad, Marinated Pumpkin, Maccha “Green Tea” Tofu, Cha Soba

Cha Soba

Hmmm that looks like a potential fear factor dish right there, especially if the molluscs were still breathing!

Hot Section

Braised Fish Head of the day

The Braised Fish Head is pretty tough to swallow, literally and not solely due to its slightly off-putting appearance. It was overdone, and lacks moisture.

Grilled Mackerel with Light Sea Salt

Grilled Yakitori Skewer

Deep Fried Chicken “Karaage”

Braised Eggplant with Bonito Broth

Deep Fried Tofu with light soy sauce

Beef & Potato Stew –Mama’s Style

This stew is tasty, with a rich beefy tone. I nod in approval.

“Tonpeiyaki” Pork and Cabbage Omelette

The live cooking station is a highlight, featuring the highly raved Pork and Cabbage Omelette. Personally, I’m not a fan of crunchy greens, but the flavours are definitely not deficient.

“Tonpeiyaki” Pork and Cabbage Omelette

Butter Grilled Mushroom with Soy Sauce

Stir Fried Noodle –Osaka Style

The enticing Stir Fried Noodle did not disappoint. Unfortunately I didn’t leave much space in my tummy that evening to genuinely savour this dish. I will return for more!

Salmon Teppan-Yaki with Spicy Miso

I think I have to avoid consuming cooked fish at Chiso Zanmai. Less picky eaters or those who prefer a firmer bite will enjoy the overcooked fish. I hope the toughness of the fish was a result of leaving it under the heat for too long a time; the mouth-watering Spicy Miso glaze would have engendered a delicious dish.

Squid Teppan-Yaki with Ginger Soy Sauce

“Takoyaki” Octopus Ball

Takoyaki Balls is one of my favourite Japanese foods. I was grinning from ear to ear upon discovering it amongst the spread. YUM!

Eggplant Tempura

Ebi (Prawn) Tempura

The Ebi Tempura is highly addictive!

Clay pot Udon Noodle “Nabeyaki”

Other savoury items that caught my attention are:

- Miso Soup
- Crispy Fried Salmon Skin
- Fried Skewer Vegetable
- Ma Po Tofu
- Braised Pork Belly

A selection of beverages is available, including lemonade and mango. The thirst-quenching section is entirely self-service, and that includes plain water.


Chocolate Fondue

Oreo Cheesecake

I particularly fancied the Oreo Cheesecake amongst the range of cakes. They were high in demand and got polished off the shelves quickly.

Maccha “Green Tea” Warabi mochi

Maccha “Green Tea” Tiramisu

Those without a sweet tooth have their share of desserts too. The Maccha “Green Tea” Tiramisu is not too sweet, and the mere sight of it triggers salivation.

Another noteworthy dessert is the Maccha “Green Tea” Pudding that boasts a caramelised crust resembling that of a crème brulee.


There are hits and misses; while some dishes can be better executed, many dishes will gratify. The enticing spread will appease the esurient. I will return!

*I had such a fun time with the boys of six & seven, rubbisheatrubbishgrow and anythingalsoeat!

Chiso Zanmai


Opening hours:

Lunch (12pm-3pm)
Mon to Fri – Adult: $14.90++ Child: $9.90++ Senior above 60: $12.90++
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays – Adult: $19.90++ Child: $9.90++ Senior above 60: $17.90++

Dinner (6-10pm)
Sun to Thu, & Public Holidays – Adult: $24.90++ Child below 1m: $14.90++ Senior above 60: $22.90++
Fri, Sat, Sun & Public Holidays – Adult: $29.90++ Child below 1m: $14.90++ Senior above 60: $27.90++