Happy Sheep Honey –New Zealand’s purest and all-natural wild honey

Gathered from over 4,000 hives in the wild and remote native forests of the West Coast region in the South Island of New Zealand, Happy Sheep Honey prides itself to be one of the most unadulterated wild honeys available today.

The range includes a selection of four unpasteurised honeys – West Coast Honey, Active Manuka 12+ Honey, Lemon & West Coast Honey and Strawberry & West Coast Honey. Happy Sheep Honey is sourced from artisanal beekeepers with generations of experienced.

Like fine wine, the taste and aroma of each batch of Happy Sheep Honey can vary depending on the vintage and the exact hive location.

Lemon & West Coast Honey (500g)
$12.20 at NTUC and Cold Storage

Soothe your throat with this classic combination of lemon and honey. Refreshing and zesty, the Lemon & West Coast Honey comprises real lemon juice and vitamin C; it is suitable for both warm and cold beverages. Simply add a spoonful into a glass of water or tea for a convenient thirst-quenching fix.

Happy Sheep Honey can be used as an unprocessed sweetener or as a perfect accompaniment to delights such as waffles, pancakes, scones and beverages. The range is also sufficiently versatile to cater to savoury uses such as Manuka Teriyaki Salmon and Honey-baked chicken and also in baking cakes and cookies.

*Leave a comment if you would like the recipes!

Strawberry & West Coast Honey (500g)
$12.20 at both NTUC and Cold Storage

The Strawberry & West Coast Honey will bring delight to those with a penchant for all things sweet –especially if you love candies. It is a superb blend of all-natural West Coast Honey and sweet strawberry juice, containing vitamin C and makes a delicious topping for fruit salads or yoghurt parfaits.

I sampled with a spoon, right out of the bottle, and it’s yum!

Health benefits of honey:

Apart from its great taste, honey has many health benefits.

Honey contains antioxidants, which can be helpful to boosting immunity. For food writers/bloggers, it is important to build a strong immune system, especially after the consumption of deep-fried and artery-clogging foods.

Honey is a time-honoured way to soothe a sore throat, and is good for the digestive system.

Containing traces of Vitamins, B and C, as well as minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium among others, using honey as a natural remedy is not just an old wives’ tale.

Happy Sheep Honey is available at NTUC and Cold Storage supermarkets island-wide. Go grab them today!