WTF. Ready, Get Set, Scoot outta here!

In case you were about to bash me for being crude, WTF stands for Watch The Fare.

Scoot is a playful brand that dares to step out of the norm, the conventional and the insipid.

Its maiden flight to Sydney is set for 4 June 2012, and tickets are selling like hotcakes!

Its appealing cheap fares warrant the attention of budget travellers –the unsettling backpackers, the cautious spenders, the non-working students, and the young-at-heart retirees.

Currently, four destinations are available for booking.

I’m especially anticipating the disclosure of what other countries they’ll be scooting off to in the near future!

Booking air tickets on Scoot’s user-friendly website is a breeze.

Here’s a step-by-step guide, through your booking process:

1) Visit or Promo Fares page ( Choose your destination, preferred departure date and return date.

I recommend getting Return tickets to save the hassle of making a second booking. It is usually more costly to book a flight when the date is drawing closer.

2) Once you have keyed in your preferred travelling dates, click enter. At the next stage, you are able to view the prices 3 days before and after your preferred dates. You can scroll left or right to view the prices on other dates to search for the best price.

Customise your travel to suit personal needs, such as meals, baggage and preferred seats. You won’t be charged for something you don’t need.

For example, if you’re travelling light and don’t require a check-in baggage, the total price to pay is SGD 88 in this case, inclusive of tax.

If you need to check in a baggage, top up $12 for 15kg baggage per trip. You will be able to add on to your check-in baggage, up to an additional 25kg, in the later stage. That’s a total of 40kg per trip.

3) If the prices and dates are ideal, read the Terms and Conditions and click on Continue.

4) Fill in the details.

5) At (1.) and (2.), that’s where you can add on baggage weight. If you’re a shopaholic, Bangkok is a shopping paradise! Add on for the Return flight –Bangkok to Singapore (2.).

You have the option of adding on baggage weight for either flights, or both.

6) As a solo traveller, I’d usually skip the Seat Selection. But if you want a guaranteed seat beside your loved ones, select your seats in advance.

7) Fill in your contact details.

8) Sign up to be a Scoot member; general details will be retained to speed up future bookings.

9) Make payment, and you’re good to go!

Preview Event with bloggers

I had the opportunity, along with 9 other bloggers, to fly with Scoot! –Onboard the Singapore Flyer, for a preview event!

Accompanied by a passionate, quirky and friendly bunch from the Scoot family, we were guaranteed a ball of a time.

Here are the highlights of the event:

We watched the mesmerising sunset and played games; sipping on cocktails and nibbling on munchies.

With the pretty, amiable and bubbly air crew!

We played a Drawing & Guessing game, with words related to Scoot.

(An example of what we had to draw/guess!)

What a vibrant bunch the Scoot team members are, with great personalities! The session was fun and engaging.

CEO of Scoot, Campbell Wilson, who has worked with Singapore Airlines for 16 years, furnished us with more information on Scoot during the second round onboard the Singapore Flyer.

Did you know?

1) Scoot is 100% owned by Singapore Airlines (SIA) but is independently managed and run.
2) A cheerful colour, bright yellow, is chosen as its primary corporate colour, portraying fun, enthusiasm and informality.
3) An initial fleet of four B777-200 aircraft accommodates 402 seats each.

We proceeded to the Singapore Food Trail to end the session with a splendiferous feast, and more chatting.

It was a memorable event with the affable folks from Scoot, who effortlessly connect with us and made sure we feel at home –I can only imagine the flights onboard Scoot to be no less pleasant.

A safe and reliable flight is mandatory, as are comfort and punctuality important; Scoot takes things to a whole new level with its unbelievably low prices and its Scootitude (Scoot Attitude) onboard.

Having made travel plans for May, June, July, August and October, I’m looking forward to future flights onboard Scoot!

Thank you Scoot for the hospitality, I had lots of fun!

Visit FlyScoot for more information.