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Door bell rings. It’s Naomi Kitchen delivery.

Established in April 2010, Naomi Kitchen has won the hearts of people from all walks of life, with freshly baked products using fresh quality ingredients.

They moved on from a tiny stall at Golden Mile Food Centre to a shop outlet at Crawford Lane and introduced second store in Tampines Mall shortly after.

Naomi Kitchen was featured on a local lifestyle programme HDB Tai Tai Season 3 – starring Chen Li Ping and Zhong Qing – that uncovers hidden gems within various HDB estates, in search for value-for-money deals.

Naomi Kitchen Products

Strawberry Mango Pudding Roll ($2.20 per piece, $10 for 7” full-roll uncut)

Specialty Fruit Rolls include the Strawberry Mango Pudding roll –a thick layer of soft spongy cake encompassing chunks of fresh strawberry, a block of dense mango pudding and a thin layer of fresh cream, finished off with a light dusting of icing sugar.

The cake is tasted straightforward without being too sweet.

Chocolate Banana Pudding Roll ($2.20 per piece, $10 for 7” full-roll uncut)

Another Specialty Fruit Roll I had was the Chocolate Banana Pudding roll. Though not a huge fan of banana, I preferred this as compared to the Strawberry Mango Pudding, for the slight boost in sugar level –I have a sweet tooth.

My personal preference leans towards a thinner layer of cake with slightly more cream, but the rich chocolaty centre – dense and sufficiently sweet – counterbalances the cake content.

Durian Roll($1.40 per piece, $6.50 for 7” full-roll)

Naomi Kitchen uses D24 durian for their Durian Rolls.

Despite having an aversion to the pungent smell of durian, this version isn’t too stinky and I quite enjoyed the cake on the whole. An effortless bite into the soft cushiony cake releases chunks of durian embedded in a pool of smooth and slightly dense cream.


I highly recommend the tarts, whether the fruit tarts or chocolate tarts. The intrinsic tart base is wonderfully light, buttery, crisp and crumbly.

They are priced at $1.70 per piece, $3.20 for 2 pcs or $10 per dozen.

Strawberry Tart (left) and Mandarin Orange Tart (right)

I fell in love with the tart the second I bit into it. The tart crumbles and melts in the mouth, followed by a burst of light velvety crème patisserie filling coating your palate –that is heavenly.

Grape Tart

Other flavours include Peach and Mixed Fruits.

Blueberry Cheese Tart (top right)

The cheese tart is slightly heavier on the palate as compared to the fruit tarts with crème patisserie filling, embracing a richer, denser cream cheese filling.

Strawberry Chocolate Tart (Left)

I love chocolate, and I love tart. Gotta love this Chocolate Tart.

Other flavours include Mandarin Orange Chocolate Tart and Banana Chocolate Tart.

Is your beloved’s birthday around the corner? Is she a shopaholic, desiring fanciful labels? Perhaps the LV cake will draw her attention.

LV Tiramisu Swiss Roll ($35)

The LV Tiramisu Swiss Roll puts a tiramisu spin on the classic Swiss roll. Incorporating the basic flavours of tiramisu, the epicentre of the roll comprises an immensely moist cake that is dipped in coffee.

My dad enjoyed this cake, for it isn’t too sweet.

Adorable cartoon design rolls are available at $22, and Black Forest Swiss Roll at $28.

Savoury Treats

Chicken Shepherd’s Pie ($2.80)

If you’re craving for something savoury, Shepherd’s Pie is the perfect comfort food.

The smoothly mashed potato makes a gratifying accompaniment to the melange of textures from the chicken stew at the bottommost layer.

Tiny chunks of ingredients constitute to flavourful stew: chicken, mushroom and carrot are a few of the many items that I can discern, steeped in a deep-coloured sauce.

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For orders $80 and above, Naomi provides FREE delivery service. For orders below $80, a nominal charge of $20 applies. Place your order at least 2 business days in advance.

*Delivery is subject to schedule availability.
*Cash payment on delivery.


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