Scoot Cabin Crew –Recruitment overview

I had the privilege of witnessing the Scoot’s third recruitment drive held last Saturday at Suntec City Convention Hall (Level 3).

About 200 shortlisted applicants, eager to join Scoot as a cabin crew, arrive in four batches, with the first batch starting at 8.15am.

First and foremost, height is highly crucial, for safety reasons and efficiency in reaching the overhead luggage rack. Cabin crews have to meet a minimum height of 158cm for ladies and 165cm for men, before they can proceed to the first round of assessment.

Each batch will go through 4 rounds of assessment, where Team Scoot will deem if each candidate meets the requirements –those who fail to meet the standards will be eliminated in each round.

Round One: Problem Solving

In the first round, candidates will work in groups to solve a given puzzle in 15 minutes –putting to test their communication skills, contribution, team membership and leadership qualities.

Striking a good rapport with team members will earn you brownie points.

Solving the puzzle correctly isn’t mandatory to proceed to the next round, as candidates are assessed based on personality and attitude.

This fun, bubbly and good-looking bunch are who you’ll be working with at Scoot. The happy and congenial Scoot members are always ready to strike a pose for the camera!

Round 2: Individual Presentation

If the candidates have made it pass Round One, congrats! They will proceed to the next round: the individual presentation.

Candidates are given a random topic and 2.5 minutes to deliberate.

At this round, their ability to react on the go will be put to test, along with articulacy and clarity of thought. Confidence and enthusiasm is key, and humour is highly favoured.

Do remember that the characteristic of Scoot is fun, energetic and exciting, and cabin crew have to represent the brand befittingly.

Loosen up a little and have fun!

Body and language are important aspects too; talking effectively to captivate, engage, and convince the audience will score you extra points.

This is your chance to create a positive impact and make an impression.

Captain Yap Meng Kum (Deputy Chief Pilot) is always ready for the camera! His comforting smile certainly helps abolish stress and tension in the assessment room.

If the candidates have cleared the second round, they will move on to the next and also the second last round, entering an almost-silent room that will remain muted till the clock strikes the end of the test.

Round 3: Aptitude and Numerical test

The Aptitude test is designed to assess your English grammar, verbal ability and reading comprehension, consisting of multiple-choice questions.

The Numerical test measures your ability to handle basic mathematical calculations. It is a vital skill for cabin crew, as inflight sales require calculation of change given for a money purchase, and currency conversion.

The hardworking Scoot team will grade the test papers at the scene while candidates wait anxiously for their results.

It is not an immediate failure if your score leans below 50%. If the score is slightly below 50%, individual cases will be re-assessed according to their performances in previous rounds.

If they have successfully passed all three rounds without being eliminated, candidates will move on to the ‘Social Room’ to fill up a form, before they are being called up individually for the final interview.

Before that, CEO Campbell Wilson and Head of Cabin Services, Ju Li, will give a short speech and candidates can pose any questions in regards to the job.

Cabin crew roles:
- Taking care of guests onboard
- Provide inflight sales of food, beverage, merchandise and duty free
- Chef
- Safety officers; evacuate passengers safely during emergency
- Security personnel’s
- First-aiders
- Fire-fighter
- Cleaners
- Babysitters/childminders
- Brand ambassadors

Cabin crew have a basic salary in addition to an allowance per trip – amount depending on destination – and other incentives including medical claims.

At this stage, candidates can choose to leave the room if they feel that the job is not suitable for them.

Final round: Individual Interview

Finally, the last round: the individual interview. You’ve gotten this far, and you definitely possess certain qualities that have gotten you through the strenuous rounds. Maintain your composure and that bubbly attitude!

Candidates will know the outcome of their application on the same day after the interview.

They then will go through an intensive training before they can finally join Team Scoot onboard.

If you’re keen on flying and possess the Scootitude (Scoot Attitude), join the fun and exciting Scoot!