Genting Palace Restaurant 云华宫

Occupying an expansive area on the second floor of the luxurious Maxims Genting Hotel, Genting Palace Restaurant serves up exquisite Cantonese cuisine in a palatial setting.

The majestic red-hued dining room seats a massive number of 700 diners, with a great deal of space between each table. There are 10 private dining rooms hidden out of sight, perfect for cosy dinner gatherings and company functions.

Helming the kitchen is Chef Jacky Yap Sak Chong, who has been with Genting Palace Restaurant for more than 5 years. Five bloggers & our mums were honoured to have him with us throughout dinner –an enlivening session I must say. Chef Yap is amiable with a good sense of humour; conversations were casual and cheery.

We had the privilege of tasting dishes that are picked out from the Mother’s Day Menu, which was exceedingly well received by diners during the occasion. The 7 to 8-course meals cost from RM 388++ for a table of 4, to RM 988++ for a table of 8.

The following dishes are not available on the regular menu. However, you may request for a personalised menu by making advanced reservations.

Baked Fresh Oyster with Cheese, Garlic

I’m not a huge fan of oysters, but I can’t resist anything with melt-y gooey cheese. This dish will bring a smile to the face of cheese lovers. The oyster is plump, juicy and fresh –non-oyster eaters will be converted!

Fish Roll

The fish paste roll is flash-fried and served on a bed of shredded seaweed. Highly addictive!

Double-boiled Minced Quail Ball with Assorted Fungus

The Double-boiled Minced Quail Ball with Assorted Fungus Soup costs RM 120 for an individual portion.

The whole process takes more than 6 hours. Lean meat and kampong chicken are boiled for hours to obtain a superior stock base; quail meat is minced together with water chestnut before rolling into a ball, then deep-frying for a few seconds to retain its shape before adding into the stock; it is then double-boiled for 5-6 hours with several other ingredients including dried scallop, wild fungus, fish maw, wolfberry and Chinese cabbage.

The result is ethereal. Quail tends to overcook easily, but with dexterous execution the meatball turns out tender and moist.

My mum enjoyed this soup so much that she’s inspired to replicate this at home. She hardly ever steps into the kitchen.

Genting Palace uses no MSG in their cooking, and banished shark fin from their menu.

Steamed Dragon Tiger Grouper with Pickled Cabbage

Dragon Tiger Grouper is a rare crossbreed between the Giant Grouper Fish and the Tiger Grouper. With deft handling, the lean flesh turned out tender and moist –simple but superb.

Simmer Spare Ribs with Red Vinasse Sauce Wrap with Aluminium Foil

Red Vinasse (the remains from making red rice wine) adds a striking hue and sweetness to the savoury dish of spare ribs. The meat isn’t too fatty, but it is melt-in-the-mouth tender, all drenched in that delicious sauce –very well executed.

Sautéed White Prawn with Chef Special Sauce

Chef’s special sauce gives this dish a character of its own. The sauce is slightly sweet from the incorporation of rock sugar, spiked with hints of lemongrass that’s distinctly appetising. If the shell were crunchier, I would eat the entire thing without de-shelling.

Steamed Yam & Dried Shrimp with Chicken Fried Rice

The fragrance of the Steamed Yam & Dried Shrimp with Chicken Fried Rice, pleasantly wafting into our nostrils, compelled us to fill our loaded tummies with more food. Each grain of rice is infused with flavours and stained in dark sauce. I would prefer bigger chunks of yam though.

Chilled Moisten Snow Pear with Preserved Date

I love pastries and ice cream, and I’ve never fancied Chinese desserts (Tong Sui). I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by a bowl of clear, sweet soup. But, I was. There is no better way to end a heavy Chinese meal, than with a light Chinese dessert.

Pandan leaf, honey dates and rock sugar are double-boiled for hours till all flavours are intensely incorporated into the soup; snow pear is then added in to boil for another 30 minutes. The soup is not too sweet, but is nowhere near bland. I love it!

Food at Genting Palace Restaurant is outstanding –my most memorable meal in Genting.

Signature dishes include Pickled Mustard Plant Pork Knuckle (RM 38++), Fried Saint Louis Cut Ribs with Fragrant Garlic (RM 33++), Traditional Braised Pork Spare Rib Cutlet (RM 42++) and Roasted Crispy Suckling Pig (RM 200++ whole/ RM 100++ half). They sound mouth-watering!

Genting Palace Restaurant
2nd Floor of Maxims Hotel
Genting Highlands
Pahang, Malaysia

Opening hours:

Breakfast (Sundays & Public Holidays only): 9am-2.30pm
Dim Sum available every Sunday for breakfast

Lunch (Daily): 12pm-2.30pm
Dim Sum available daily for lunch

Dinner (Daily): 6pm-9.30pm

Reservations can be made online:

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Thanks and Resorts World Genting for this opportunity!