Singapore Food Festival 2014 -Singapore Chinese Dialect Feast @ Chinatown Food Street

Delicacies and local dialect cuisines has been and is integrated as part of our society, of which we are recognised internationally. Starting back when the inaugurated festival first took place in 1994, the Singapore Food Festival aims to bring a satisfying dining experience to our diverse culture and spectacular cuisines, themed “A Walk Down Memory Lane” this year.

More about the various events happening across Singapore here:

Kick starting the festival is Singapore Chinese Dialect Heritage Feast at Chinatown Food Street, bringing nostalgia of old Singapore while patrons savour up to 20 dishes unique to their Chinese dialect.

Red Glutinous Wine Chicken

Featured Hakka dishes include the Red Glutinous Wine Chicken, aromatic from the classic use of Glutinous rice wine, ginger and sesame oil. Well prepared and marinated, the meat is tender off the bones and easily enjoyed by both the elderly and young children, with only subtle hints of the spice from the rice wine.

Traditional Hakka Yong Tau Foo

Gao Ji Food contributes to the Hakka cuisine with their authentic traditional Yong Tow Foo. “Tow Foo” refers to bean curd and “Yong” is a simplification of the Hakka dialect “Ngiong” which means ‘to stuff’. This dumpling symbolized ‘abundant wealth and prestige’ and has since the times of immigrants, Yong Tow Foo evolved as a Hakka heritage food passed down through the generations. Continue reading

Fairmont Singapore brings in Szechuan Guest Chef Su Zhen Fu of Beijing Chao Jiangnan Restaurant from 11 to 20 July at Szechuan Court Restaurant

Poached Sliced Beef and Enoki Mushroom in Chilli Oil Peppercorn Broth ($38)

An exciting pieces of news for those who derive pleasure from the numbing and burning sensations on the tongue: Fairmont Singapore welcomes native Szechuan Chef Su Zhen Fu of Beijing Chao Jiangnan Restaurant to tantalise local taste buds at Szechuan Court Restaurant from 11 to 20 July 2014.

Dried Sliced Beef with Szechuan Pepper Hot Bean Sauce; Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs; Healthy Seasonal Vegetables tossed with Sweet Vinaigrette; Chinese Lettuce with Sesame Paste

The menu curated by Chef Su Zhen Fu will feature a plethora of Szechuan dishes, some of which not commonly available in Singapore. Continue reading

Szechuan Court at Fairmont Singapore unleashes a new menu featuring reinvented classics

Double Boiled Bird’s nest Chicken Soup ($48)

Keeping up with modern times, Fairmont Singapore’s Szechuan Court – renowned for serving outstanding Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine in Singapore – unleashes a new menu that features reinvented classics.

It would be an arduous task to please both traditionalists and modernists at the same time, but Szechuan Court succeeds in injecting modernity in traditions seamlessly without losing the essence of Szechuan and Cantonese flavours.

Golden Mini Bun stuffed with Beancurd and Minced Pork in Hot Bean Chilli Sauce ($7.80 for 2 pieces)

In the dim sum department, novel creations include the Golden Mini Bun stuffed with Beancurd and Minced Pork in hot Bean Chilli Sauce –a medley of textures in one bite, chaperoned with a mild hit of spice.
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East Ocean Teochew Restaurant (Weekday Set Dinner @ $98++ for 4 pax)

A Chinese restaurant easily discovered by Takashimaya dwellers but also often overlooked, East Ocean Teochew Restaurant now rolls out an attractive 6-course set dinner designed to appeal to groups of 4 at $98++. Let me break it down for you: it’s $24.50++ per person, $4++ per course. Of course nobody’s going to stop you from eating two persons’ portion if you go in pairs (like I did). Continue reading

(Father’s Day 2014) Peony Jade’s Steamed Bao with Roasted Duck and Glutinous Rice

Steamed Bao with Roasted Duck and Glutinous Rice ($24++ for 6 pieces; dine-in subject to 10% service charge; available both dine-in and takeaway)

A time-honoured classic dish that Chinese daddies are well acquainted with, steamed pillowy white buns that are customarily paired with braised pork belly are now given a new twist at Peony Jade. Superseding the traditional filling are two layers: roasted duck and Cantonese-style steamed glutinous rice studded with Chinese sausages. Served alongside is their houseblend of sweetened hoisin sauce.

This Father’s Day special is available for a limited time only, from 9 June through 15 June 2014, at both the Keppel Club and Clarke Quay outlet. A one-day advance order is required for takeaways.

For enquiries or reservations, check out contact details here:

Diamond Kitchen – Classic Chinese Comfort Fare

Lauded as the “Gem of the East” by many, Diamond Kitchen located at Laguna Park (condominium) gratifies diners from all across Singapore with its classic Chinese comfort fare and seafood offerings.

Young entrepreneurs Josh Chou and Lambert Chen, aged 30 and 27 respectively, are born into families in the jewellery business field, which gave rise to the name Diamond Kitchen. The cousins work hand in hand in establishing a cosy enclave offering hearty meals at affordable prices.

Superior Stock Clam Bee Hoon ($12/$18/$24)

The Superior Stock Clam Bee Hoon is comfort food with just the right attitude. An instant heart-warmer on sad or cold rainy days, this dish comprises vermicelli noodles stepped in heady stock scattered with clams. Served in a prodigious portion at downright decent bang for the buck, Diamond Kitchen also ensures that they secure the freshest clams possible. This was one of my favourite items that evening.

Gan Xiang Fried Rice ($8/$12/$16)

‘Gan Xiang’ is the kitchen’s magic formula made up of a blend of spices and aromatics including ginger, curry powder, chilli, lemongrass, fermented soy bean paste, onion, garlic and dried shrimp. This concoction is highly versatile; it is used to aromatise several dishes on the menu. Continue reading

Royal Pavilion at Park Regis Singapore

The restaurant space on the ground floor of Park Regis Singapore has been given a fresh makeover, and a new modern Cantonese restaurant, Royal Pavilion, takes over.

In the day, the main dining hall is flushed with abundant natural light through floor-to-ceiling glass panels on one side. When the sun sets, the entire scene is bathed in the glow emitting from crystal chandeliers.

This elegant and contemporary restaurant seats 142 diners within its 5,000 square-foot space, encompassing six private dining rooms and one semi-private room positioned right under the grand chandelier –a highly sought-after spot.

Executive Chef Chung Ho Shi crafts a diversity of both the new world and the timeless Cantonese dishes with finesse.

Steamed Prawn Dumpling “Ha Kau” ($5.80)

To start things off, you can’t go wrong with dim sum, especially the classic Steamed Prawn Dumpling that encases plump succulent prawn. Continue reading

18th World Gourmet Summit (26 March to 5 April 2014)

The annual World Gourmet Summit is back for its 18th edition, presenting another exciting series of culinary events that will be of great interest to lovers of fine food.

From 26 March to 5 April 2014, masterchefs from around the world – including Michelin-starred chefs Tomas Buhner, Sergi Arola, Alexandre Gauthier, Lorenzo Cogo, Sang-Hoon Degeimbre and Mathieu Viannay – will be participating in exclusive dinners, hands-on culinary workshops and educational sessions, bringing with them their own definition of classic fine dining in conjunction with this year’s theme ‘The Classics’.

Establishments that will be hosting World Gourmet Summit events are as follows: Forlino, Clifford at The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore, Grand Hyatt Singapore, Majestic Restaurant, Dolce Vita at Mandarin Oriental Singapore, The Prime Society, Raffles Singapore, Stellar at 1-Altitude, Tippling Club, The St. Regis Singapore, Tung Lok Signatures at Orchard Parade Hotel, Skirt at W Singapore and The White Rabbit.

22 partner restaurants – including Gattopardo Ristorante Di Mare, il Lido, Table at 7 and Wooloomooloo Steakhouse – will also be presenting exclusive World Gourmet Summit menus that will be available only during these eleven days.

Highlights include the Sunday Brunch presented by The Macallan & Scottish Seafood Collaborative Group at Tamirand Hill, Rhone Valley Wine Dinner with Nicolas Perrin & International Masterchef Mathieu Viannay at The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore, Eu Yan Sang Dinner featuring International Masterchef Arron Huang at Majestic Restaurant, and more.

The upcoming Eu Yan Sang Dinner on 31 March 2014 featuring International Masterchef Arron Huang and Hosting Chef Yong Bing Ngen at Majestic Restaurant is an exemplar of healthy indulgence. The two acclaimed chefs will be combining their prowess in Chinese culinary with the virtues of some of the finest traditional Chinese medicinal herbs from Eu Yan Sang, presenting a well-balanced and nutritious 6-course meal.

Taiwanese Masterchef Arron Huang, President of the Association of Taipei Cooking, who is passionate about developing and expanding Taiwan’s cuisine across the globe, feels that World Gourmet Summit is a great avenue for chefs around the world to showcase their distinctive style of cooking.

Hosting Chef Yong Bing Ngen, who has over 30 years of experience under his belt, believes an accomplished Chinese chef should have a solid foundation of Chinese cooking techniques and be continuously exposed to different ingredients and produce available in the market.

Chef Arron Huang’s famous traditional Taiwanese cuisine will be served alongside modern Chinese creations of Chef Yong with a theme of ‘Classic vs Modern’. I have never encountered so many different herbs in a single meal!

Fried Roast Duck Breast and Shrimp with Chinese Angelica and Licorice (by International Masterchef Arron Huang)

We all have that preconceived notion that Chinese medicinal herbs are bitter; but with cautious and meticulous encompassment, the dishes are well balanced and never overwhelming. Continue reading

PUTIEN’s Spring Menu highlights Broad Beans, Leeks and Bamboo Clams (1 March to 31 May 2014)

The season of spring brings about an abundance of harvest as plants bloom and bright colours blossom. PUTIEN presents a new spring menu ‘Sowing in Spring – Sprouts of Delicacy’, featuring seasonal ingredients such as broad beans and bamboo clams that are rarely available in local markets in Singapore, specially flown in and deftly prepared.

Broad beans are reaped only in spring, and in Putian’s tradition, they are all manually harvested. Blessed with fertile soil, the broad beans there have a brighter glow and softer texture.

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6-Course Peking Duck Feast set dinner at Jade Restaurant, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Having dined at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s Jade Restaurant during the a la carte dinner buffet promotion last December, memories of the superb dining experience still lingers. This season, I found another good reason to return. Jade Restaurant brings back the famed Peking Duck Feast, which will take place from now till 31 March 2014.

The 6-course Peking Duck Feast set dinner, priced at $58++ per person, features the roasted delicacy in creative ways. Continue reading

6-Course Spring Feast at LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant, in collaboration with Zenxin Organic Food (1 March to 30 April 2014)

LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant by the TungLok Group collaborates with Zenxin Organic Food this season to present a limited edition six-course set menu, Spring Feast, which will be available for a limited period only, from 1 March till 30 April 2014.

Zenxin Organic Food is Malaysia’s leading producer, distributor and retailer for organic produce, providing over a hundred varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables grown without chemicals or pesticides. Read more about Zenxin Organic Food and my getaway trip to Zenxin Organic Park here:

Trilogy of Organic Fruits and Vegetables ($12): Deep-fried Potato Croquette with Wild Mushrooms and Black Pepper accompanied with Mango and Apple Salsa, Seasonal Vegetables Roll topped with Spicy ‘Yuzu’ Sauce, and Turnip Roll marinated with Japanese Rice Vinegar and Pickled Chilli

The Spring Feast menu comprises innovative dishes set to dazzle purist vegetarians. Chef Martin Foo showcases his deft culinary skills when cooking in the absence of onions, garlic and meat, allowing the freshness of the fresh organic ingredients to shine through. Continue reading

(Lunar New Year 2014) Reunion Imperial High Tea at Tian Fu Tea Room, Si Chuan Dou Hua at PARKROYAL on Beach Road

Tian Fu Tea Room at Si Chuan Dou Hua presents the Reunion Imperial High Tea this Lunar New Year, available from 30 January to 14 February 2014, 2.30pm to 6pm daily. Priced at just $32++ a person, the oriental high tea set commences with the customary tossing of Yu Sheng, followed by six exquisitely handcrafted dim sum items and light bites. The menu differs slightly across the three outlets: PARKROYAL on Beach Road, PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road and TOP of UOB Plaza.

The 8-course menu is paired with two different premium Chinese brews such as Bi Tan Piao Xue Flower Tea, Long Jing and more.

Here’s a peek into the Lunar New Year high tea experience at Tian Fu Tea Room of Si Chuan Dou Hua at PARKROYAL on Beach Road. Continue reading

(Lunar New Year 2014) Plaza Brasserie at PARKROYAL on Beach Road

Lunar New Year feastings start from 17 January through 14 February 2014 at Plaza Brasserie and The Ballrooms at PARKROYAL on Beach Road.

Prosperity Feast at Plaza Brasserie (Level One)
Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm, Dinner: 6pm to 10pm
17 to 29 January; 3 to 14 February
Lunch: Adult $48, Child $29
Dinner: Adult $62, Child $38
30 January (fully booked)
Dinner: Adult $88, Child $53
31 January to 2 February
Lunch and Dinner: Adult $65, Child $41

The sumptuous buffet spread at Plaza Brasserie includes Braised Pork Knuckles with Dried Oyster and Black Moss, Poached “Live” Prawns in Chinese Wine, Eight Treasures Duck, Braised Sea Cucumber with Pork Belly, Steamed Sea Bass in Hong Kong Style and more! Continue reading

(Lunar New Year 2014) Jiang-Nan Chun at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Lunar New Year celebrations begin as early as 8 January this year at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, allowing companies to hold thank-you lunches, dinners and corporate dining way ahead of the actual dates. Chinese Chef Alan Chan from Jiang-Nan Chun paves another propitious year with the splendours of feasts and banquet menus. Continue reading

(Lunar New Year 2014) Peach Blossoms at Marina Mandarin Singapore

Marina Mandarin Singapore gears up this Lunar New Year with an abundance of feastings at its international buffet restaurant AquaMarine and its Chinese restaurant Peach Blossoms.

Organic Fruits Yu Sheng ($68++ for 4-6 persons/$108++ for 10 persons)

Toss to a healthy and fruitful year ahead with Peach Blossoms’ newly introduced Organic Fruits Yu Sheng. This nutritious Yu Sheng tastefully incorporates fresh organic strawberry, mango, rock maleon, papaya and kiwi.

Vegetarian Deluxe Treasure Pot ($288 for 10 persons)

Festive takeaways include the Supreme Braised Buddha Jump Over The Wall ($888 for 10 persons), Vegetarian Deluxe Treasure Pot ($288 for 10 persons), Nian Gao Double Koi Fish ($33.80 for 2 pcs), Water Chestnut Cake with Osmanthus ($32.80 for 4 pcs), and 5-inch Baked Prosperity Pineapple Pastry ($28.80 for 1 pc). Continue reading