Sushi Tei: ‘We Are Back!’ promotion (10 May – 31 July 2012)

In celebration of the new – and larger – outlet in Ngee Ann City, Sushi Tei is launching a “We Are Back!” promotional menu featuring specialties that are available exclusively at this outlet for three months only: from 10 May till 31 July 2012.

A brown-hued dining room gleams with warm lightings, exuding an cosy and intimate atmosphere.

The 172-seater restaurant encompasses a good mix of seating variety; expansive sofa seating and counter seats aplenty; the semi-private VIP dining area has 22 seats that can be partitioned into three rooms.

“We Are Back!” promotional menu

Zuwai Kani Pitan Tofu ($6)
Century egg on organic tofu with special century egg sauce

Coming across this melange of Chinese and Japanese ingredients for the first time, it hit me with a condescending amusement that follows by tremendous greed. I couldn’t stop myself from digging into the delicate tofu; swirling it around the lusciously creamy century egg sauce; picking up plump Zuwai crabmeat that are sweet and succulent; along with minced century egg and flying fish roe for textural contrast.

Highly recommended.

Kinchaku Age ($6)
Homemade chicken & pork fried dumplings

If I may provide a bit of provenance, Gyoza is originally a Chinese dumpling widely popular across Japan.

Gyoza dumpling skin takes role of wonton skin here. These pouches, fried to crisp golden perfection, hold well-seasoned and delectably moist minced chicken and pork, along with chopped prawns and turnips for crunch.

This dish will transport you to a taste of the Orient.

An accompanying chilli mayonnaise sauce provides a garlicky zing, but in my opinion, is nonessential. The heavenly crispy dumplings are good on their own.

It is highly addictive.

Vietnam Harumaki ($8)
Crab meat & avocado wrapped in rice paper

For those on a low carbohydrate diet, craving for sushi, the refreshing Vietnam Harumaki – a Vietnamese-inspired take on the traditional maki – is equally gratifying.

A medley of ingredients including succulent crabmeat, creamy avocado, sweet tamago roll, fresh lettuce and crunchy cucumber, all wrapped in a thin translucent rice paper, makes a light but substantial adaptation.

Kurenai Roll ($12)
Red prawn, crabmeat sushi roll

The Kurenai Roll is an excellent choice for sushi lovers.

Plump sashimi-grade red prawns are breaded and fried before they are rolled up with cubes of mango and cucumber in seaweed, next encircled by sushi rice that sticks together without being mushy, then draped with succulent Zuwai crabmeat. Finally, it is garnished with flying fish roe and salmon roe.

I absolutely adore it.

Chasyu Don ($9) (tasting portion*)
Sliced roast pork on rice

The roasted pork – with a pleasurable ratio of fat to meat – is thoroughly infused with an in-house marinate. This dish will cater to carnivores with a hearty appetite seeking fuel and protein.

The star of the dish for me is the egg. It is cooked to precision, achieving a molten-centred yolk that I am highly fond of.

*This is a tasting portion. The actual portion will come with twice the amount of ingredients.

Healthy Yuzu Yogurt Parfait ($7.80)
Granola, yogurt and yuzu ice-cream parfait

Three characteristic parfaits, which are available in conjunction with the “We Are Back” promotion, bring a new perspective to the joy of eating ice cream.

Striving for originality, the Healthy Yuzu Yogurt Parfait combines toasted granola, full-bodied cream that balances the tangy taste of yogurt, and a crowning scoop of citrusy ice cream – studded with bits of Yuzu – that is refreshing and smooth without that icy brittleness.

Matcha Azuki Shiratama Parfait ($8.80)
Cornflakes, red beans, shiratama mochi and green tea ice-cream parfait

Green tea ice cream is paired at its best with red beans and mochi. The unconventional addition of cornflakes adds crunch and elevates its frolicsome factor.

Strawberry Mille-Feuille Parfait ($7.80)
Cornflakes and strawberry ice-cream parfait

If you’re an ardent fan of Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream, you will find this parfait immensely satisfying and comforting, with familiar tastes abound.

My sweet tooth consent to this as my favourite of the three!

A la carte menu

Along with the promotions at the Ngee Ann City outlet, Sushi Tei has rolled out a new a la carte menu that will be available in all its restaurants island wide.

Ika Okura ($5.20)
Squid & lady’s fingers

I’m not a huge fan of the resilient squid, but the vibrant tone of the okra and the uniquely viscid house-marinate whets the appetite.

It’s not something that I would order though. The Zuwai Kani Pitan Tofu ($6) wins hands down in the appetiser round.

Red Prawn Sashimi ($10 for 3pcs, $16 for 5 pcs)

Pristine flavours of the sea are presented in an unadulterated form –sashimi.

Kani Mentai Mayo Roll ($8)
Deep-fried crab meat sushi with mentai mayo

Sushi Tei excels spectacularly in, of course, sushi. The Kani Mentai Mayo Roll is highly favoured.

Karei Saikyo Duke ($15)
Grilled flat fish with saikyomiso

Winter flounder, a fish similar to cod, is grilled without much fuss, and presented in the simplest of manner. No condiments provided; just a spritz of lemon and you’re good to go.

Soft Shell Crab ($12)

A different spin on the Soft Shell Crab, this version comes with a sturdier crunch.

Crispy Ebi Mentai Mayo ($11)
Deep-fried prawn & shitake mushroom with cod roe

Browsing through the menu, the Crispy Ebi Mentai Mayo caught my eye. I ordered for the fun of it, without colossal expectations. It arrived at the table in an awe-inspiring form and its taste, beyond delightful. It surpassed my expectations. Must try!

Zuwai Gani Chawanmushi ($6.50)
Zuwai crab sauce on steamed egg custard

I love Chawanmushi. They’re the perfect comfort food on a cold rainy day. I would eat a truckload if eggs do not come with high cholesterol.

Ikura Chawanmushi ($7.80)
Salmon roe on steamed egg custard

The Ikura Chawanmushi arrives in a standard chawan cup; the entire surface is covered in an abundance of pearl-sized salmon roe, totally concealing the custard.

It seems a compulsion but also a chore to burst every single roe that reaches my tongue –it’s just me being obsessive but lazy. I probably wouldn’t order it again, though Jasper seemed to enjoy it.

Kaisen Ramen Salad ($16)
Seafood ramen salad

Choose one dressing to accompany your salad: Sesame, Wafu and Sushi Tei dressing.

I had a hard time picking my favourite. The sesame dressing is fragrant, thick and creamy. The Sushi Tei dressing, slightly creamy, is bright and savoury. The Wafu dressing – a soy sauce-based vinaigrette – is the lightest amongst the three.

Tough choice.

If I have to pick one, the Sesame dressing wins by a very slight margin, for I’m drawn to its fragrance and comforting creaminess.


Crème Brûlée Cheesecake ($6.50)

Nama Chocolate Ice Cream ($4.80)

Ice cream is served in candy-sized morsels. I want more!

Assorted Ice Balls ($3.40)

Like frozen candy that melts into velvety nothingness –I’m in love.

By the way, all ice creams are imported directly from Japan.

Black Sesame Ice Cream ($3.40)

I love the density and creaminess of the Black Sesame Ice Cream, so much that I wish I had a tub sitting in my freezer now.

Shio Ice Cream ($3.40)

The Shio (salt) Ice Cream is a highlight.

Not to worry, you won’t get a whole mouthful of overwhelming saltiness. A tinge of savoury note with a right balance of sweetness sums up this heavenly flavour. Highly recommended!

Home-grown premium Japanese restaurant chain, Sushi Tei, has garnered raves amongst returning customers, and are consistently delivering high-quality provender.

One of the common circumstances pertaining to chain restaurants and franchises is that quality tends to decline, but Sushi Tei does not disappoint.

Head down for the promotional items before it ends! (Will the hot favourites be added into the permanent menu in future? *puppy eyes*)

Sushi Tei


Opening hours:
Daily: 11.30am – 10.00pm (Last Order – 9.30pm)