Perkies; munchies at Changi City Point

I can trace my interest in street food to the time I spent scavenging the streets of several countries I’ve visited.

Perkies, a new kid on the block, brings the enjoyment of street food to a whole new level, introducing a hassle-free on-the-go snacking culture.

Having a rough day?

Waiting for your friend who’s stuck in a jam?

Feeling dull while shopping alone, or simply hankering for munchies?

A cone-full of Perkies may just brighten your day; swinging your mood from boredom to pleasure.

Founded in late 2011, Perkies is the baby of a local entrepreneur couple, Jessie and Erick, who carefully select and source for the freshest ingredients.

Jessie shared her thoughts on healthy eating, and how she deviated from fast food for health’s sake; but being an avid foodie with immense cravings for the munchies, she took on the challenge to churn out healthier treats that are equally satisfying.

Perkies takes pride in the fact that their products are fried in non-hydrogenated sunflower oil –it is trans fat free, cholesterol free and contains vitamins A, D and E. Albeit more expensive than regular cooking oil, Perkies regards their customers’ well-being a priority.

Everything is made from scratch – that means there are no pre-cooked, pre-frozen foods. Batter is made daily; fresh ingredients are battered and rustled up upon order. Food is served to you crisp and piping hot.

Tots & Crisps ($2.80, with a condiment of your choice)

Savoury bites are served in a signature cone that is cheery and convenient to carry around.

If you love potatoes like yours truly, Tots & Crisps – a mixture of hash browns and chips – will entice.

The ‘Crisps’ are reminiscent of potato chips; premium quality potatoes are sliced thinly and fried to a golden crisp. Zero preservatives, zero grams of trans fat. Not greasy at all.

A selection of condiments is available for you to mix and match, but the Creamy Cheese with a touch of Hot Taco is a highly recommended pairing.

Onion Rings ($3.40)

My all-time great favourite, Onion Rings, hits plenty of oral pleasure spots it’s simply irresistible: crispy, airy, juicy, savoury, oily, fragrantly pungent, and specked with an ingratiating herb.

Fresh sweet onions are carefully handpicked for the unblemished and the largest (unbelievably large, you cannot find these in frozen packs or fast food outlets); they are hand-sliced, battered and fried à la minute.

Though it veers dangerously close to being a tad oily, it is simply irresistible for someone with a penchant for fried food.

No condiments needed. Yum!

Corn Puppies ($5.20)

The Corn Puppies is a dish that will haunt my memory –in a pleasant way that invokes salivation.

A miniature of the American favourite, Corn Dogs, the Corn Puppies (how cute is that name?) comes in skewers of finger-sized chicken sausage, coated in a thick layer of cornmeal batter, deep-fried to perfection.

The sweet cornmeal crust boasts a crisp golden exterior with a rather spongy interior like the texture of cake, contrasting wonderfully to the succulent sausage encased within.

Drizzle over with the recommended Tomaustard (a special blend of tomato and mustard) and you’re good to go.

Cheeky Chicks ($4.60)

Chicken thighs, cut into bite-sizes, are well marinated with 9 herbs and spices. These morsels boast juicy, tender and succulent meat, with a crispy fragrant coat. It certainly possesses the oomph factor, and the best part is it doesn’t feel greasy.

Pair this with their specially concocted Thai Chilli sauce, and it will transport you to the streets of Bangkok.

Perkies plays a part for the environment: in partnership with Alpha Biofuels, used cooking oil is recycled into clean, renewable and sustainable bio-diesel that burns cleaner when used, and emits less air pollution.

Mojito Iced Tea ($3.60)

Offset the fried goodies with the light and refreshing beverage Mojito Iced Tea –a non-alcoholic concoction of freshly brewed tea spiked with fresh mint and lime slices. It is not too sweet.

Fizzy Lychee ($3.90)

Rose petal fragrance perfumes this lychee-flavoured soda subtly.

Settling at the bottom of the cup, the fruity translucent balls are a healthy alternative to ‘bubble tea pearls’. Seaweed extract makes up the outer layer, containing lychee fruit juice within. These delicate balls burst at the slightest prick, releasing sweet juices for an extra dose of flavour.

Unlike the high-calorie ‘bubble tea peals’ that involve tiresome chewing, these fruity balls contain zero trans fat and saturated fat, and disappear in your mouth once deflated.

Call me a country bumpkin, but I’ve never had anything like this. I’ll definitely go back for more.

To be frank, I never knew this shopping mall – Changi City Point – existed, till date.

I rarely set foot in this far eastern part of Singapore other than to board an airplane at Changi Airport, or to visit the fairs at the Singapore Expo once in a blue moon.

The location is sort of out of the way for me, but at least it is conveniently located just above an MRT station (EXPO).

For those who reside in the vicinity: good for you.

For those who stay at the opposite end of Singapore, find comfort in the fact that Perkies does catering and events, so if you wish to host a party furnished with delectable Perkies munchies, do contact them.

With remarkable consistency on taste and quality, Perkies is worthy of returning customers.

I am eagerly anticipating the launch of new items on the menu!

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(Located opposite the Singapore EXPO. Nearest train station: EXPO)

Opening Hours:
Mon–Fri: 12pm–10pm
Sat–Sun: 10am–10pm