il Cielo, Hilton Singapore

Italian Restaurant il Cielo introduces a new chef, Omar Bernardi, hailing from Italy.

A small group of media and guests were invited to indulge in an array of food and wines that reflects the best of il Cielo’s cuisine, by the poolside.

As usual, I was the earliest to arrive. That’s not such a bad thing; I can photograph at ease without anyone walking into my frame!

Arriving the earliest has its perks; another of which is getting to watch the sunset.

Canapés; Salmon, Chicken and Duck.

Dining tables and chairs were moved out of the restaurant to accommodate to the party.

A team of accomplished chefs behind the live stations transforms the dining area, bustling with activity.

Barley Risotto

Born in Italy, Chef Omar was inspired by the ingredients that he encountered with in Singapore, so much so he’s decided to incorporate some of these ingredients into his Italian cuisine.

Ravioli, with a hidden surprise: Abalone is encased in pasta dough.

Caviar galore.

Fish is coated in grated cheese before pan-frying. This has got people waiting in line.

Grilled zucchini, eggplant and bell peppers; they are simple but superb.

The beef is a highlight. Tender without too much fat.

Boasting a thin crispy crust, the pizza is light in weight but robust in flavour.

Dessert was highly anticipated.

I am immensely mesmerised by these macarons; they colour the rack beautifully in vibrant hues. The best part is: they taste heavenly.

Miniature lemon meringue tart.

These chocolate-y devils are to-die-for. Available at the Deli I heard.

The event was an eye-opener. I’m excited to see what il Cielo has to offer in the new menu!

il Cielo
581 Orchard Road
Level 24, Hilton Singapore

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 12pm-10.30pm
Sat-Sun: 7pm-10.30pm