Cuscaden Patio Café & Pub

Cuscaden Patio Café & Pub is the brainchild of a husband-and-wife duo, founded more than 10 years ago.

A little habit of mine when I visit a place is ‘checking-in’ on FourSquare. The café-pub’s FourSquare page is buoyantly inviting for a low-key establishment; ‘tips’ (comments) were overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic, emphasising on cheap beer and awesome wings. It seems the perfect spot to wind down after a long day at work.

“Chill, booze, eat, music, pool table, relax while your pockets don’t get burn. Check out the wings they will freak ‘U’.” –Jeffrie, owner of Cuscaden.

I heard so much about their chicken wings through word of mouth, of raves and more raves.

What’s most attractive about their café-pub is that their finger-licking grubs will not put a major dent in your wallet.

Owner, Jeffrie, is Mexican while his wife, Jennifer, is Eurasian. They are the friendliest folks you’ll ever meet outside the heartlands.

Jennifer has a full-time job in the hotel industry, but at the end of each day, she never fails to show up at her second home –Cuscaden Patio.

The café-pub is homely and nowhere near pretentious.

There is a cosy corner evocative of their home’s living room where you can lounge the night away.

As night falls, the café-pub fills up with throngs of regulars who, too, regard Cuscaden Patio as their second home.

What used to be a blank wall is now covered in pictures of gleeful patrons.

Quirky knickknacks adorn the characteristic bar, where jugs and bottles of cheap beer are dispensed.

Happy Hour

During the ‘Happy hour’, a bucket of San Miguel Light or Stella Artois beer (6 bottles in a bucket) costs just $30, while Hoegarden is going at $12 for 2 bottles.

Happy hour is happening all night long every Thursdays, while it ends at 10pm on Mondays-Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

After 10pm, 5 bottles of beer cost $30 nett –but that’s still relatively cheap compared to other pubs in the vicinity.

On Tuesdays, San Miguel Draft beer is going at $12 per jug all night long.

At Cuscaden, it is all friendliness and no formality.

The pool table is where strangers meet and leave as friends after a game or two.

Chicken wings ($20 for a dozen or $10 for half dozen)

The highlight for a foodie like myself is the food, since I try to abstain from alcohol.

My verdict on the food: Much better than fast food. They’ve earned no prestigious dining accolades (but earned the loyalty of regulars craving for simple comfort food) so don’t arrive expecting some Michelin-star quality –though I don’t see why anyone would expect that in a chill-out café.

Crispy Chicken ($8)

The Crispy Chicken is my favourite item amongst the 3 that we’ve tried. Heaps better than what you get at fast food joints, and it remained crispy till the last morsel. The best part is it doesn’t feel greasy.

Patio Roll ($6)

The Patio Roll, though looking heavy on the stomach with the carbohydrates, is surprisingly light –even I surprised myself by finishing 90% of this portion despite having a heavy dinner at Hard Rock Café (just across the road) prior to this.

If you’re looking for a cosy place to chill and hang out, with affordability to match, you can consider Cuscaden Patio Café & Pub.

Cuscaden Patio Café & Pub
21 Cuscaden Road, #B1-11 Ming Arcade, Singapore 249720

Opening Hours
Mon, Wed, Thurs: 3pm – 1am
Tues: 3pm – 2am
Fri: 3pm – 3am
Sat: 4pm – 3am
Closed on Sundays