#SFP2012 Potluck Party

Definition of potluck: a gathering of people where each guest contributes food to be shared among the group.

Frittatas cooked by CY

I received two Tefal pans recently and my friend, CY, who is greatly passionate about cooking, wanted to give them a try –thus he suggested a cook-off at my humble home. (Click here to read about my cooking experience with the Tefal pan)

We also took the opportunity to have a ‘farewell party’ for our friend, Saunders, who is leaving for Paris for an exchange program. Our hashtag on twitter and instagram was #SFP2012.

Top left to right: Yakitori, Pork Chop. Bottom left to right: Smoked Duck, Ngoh Hiang

I appreciate the efforts my friends took to cook/source for delicious food –especially Jasper, who came an hour early to prep, making sure food is ready to be served punctually.

Terriyaki Mackerel, contributed by Jasper

The Yakitori (Chicken on Skewers), sold in packs of 30 sticks, is utterly moist and tender. Jasper’s mum bought it from Blk 15 Woodlands Link .

Salmon, contributed by Jasper, Pan-seared using Tefal pan

Jasper’s mum knows exactly where to get raw (and fresh) salmon in bulk.

Hint: It’s also along Woodlands Terrace.

Black Pepper Smoked Duck, contributed by Jasper

The Black Pepper Smoked Duck is one of my favourite dishes. Gosh I can’t decide which is my favourite.

Jasper & CY posing for the camera (Picture by Wilsurn)

Food has brought us all together, but that was my first time seeing them ‘working’ in the kitchen!

Bacon wrapped sausages, pan-seared using Tefal pan

Cy cooking up a storm in my kitchen (Picture by Wilsurn)

(Picture by Wilsurn)

While waiting for the remaining guests to arrive, we munched on Popcorns and do what foodies do: take pictures of food.

Derrick couldn’t make it for the party but he made popcorns (using Tefal non-stick pan!!) and handed it to me before heading off for his appointment. Really appreciate it!

Nat bought Ngoh Hiang from Punggol Plaza. It was my first time eating this dish! Thanks for introducing this to me. :D

Dennis bought like 4 or 5 packets of Fried Hokkien Mee. I’ve never seen that much Fried Hokkien Mee in a single bowl placed on my dining table. I LOVE hokkien mee, but this totally brings the enjoyment level up a notch.

I tend to prefer the ‘wet’ version of Fried Hokkien Mee, but this ‘dry’ version was so well infused with flavours, I finished the last strand.

Hainan Hokkien Mee
No 34 Golden Mile Food Centre
11am to 2pm 3pm to 9pm
Closed on Wed

This stall is featured on IeatIshootIpost.sg, a blog with an extensive list of delicious hawker foods in Singapore.

Karen, also known as Kaz_52 on Instagram, made Beef Stew from scratch! Really appreciate the love. I finished all the potatoes and carrots that I could find, before moving on to the precious beef. She even brought baguettes to soak up that flavourful sauce. How thoughtful!

Wilsurn bought Pork Chop from a curry rice stall in Tiong Baru (according to him, it is a market near zouk at Havelock Road).

This is highly addictive. Highly recommended. It remained crispy throughout our entire party! (Before it got wiped out that is.)

Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice
Blk 57 Eng Hoon Street

The stall is also featured on IeatIshootIpost.sg.

Wilsurn also bought muffins from a bakery in Tanjong Pagar. The two humongous-sized muffins stole the show. The muffins are moist without being oily or overly buttery. Nom nom!

1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza

(Picture by Wilsurn)

drew lots of attention despite her introversion. She quietly stays put –but always ready for the camera. Everyone adores her :)

I have never hosted a potluck party before, and I rarely have guests coming over to my place. It was a rather nerve-wracking experience, but all in all it was a huge success! Thank you all for such a cosy and enjoyable party!

Adrian: SuperAdrianMe.com
CY: AnythingAlsoEat.wordpress.com
Dennis: SuperAdrianMe.com
Jasper: Six-and-Seven.com
Karen: Kaz_52 on Instagram
Nat: RubbishEatRubbishGrow.wordpress.com
Saunders: Six-and-Seven.com
Wilsurn: SuperAdrianMe.com

Psst.. Enjoy Paris, Saunders!