PrimaDéli Mooncakes

PrimaDéli is a home-grown bakery chain that has carved a big name in the baking scene in Singapore over the past 20 years. Being the first to bakery franchise to receive the Halal food certification, their wide variety of freshly baked goods panders to a wider customer base.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, PrimaDéli celebrates its 20th anniversary with a launch of 3 new exciting flavours.

A supplement to their colourful range of mooncakes, the new flavours – Mini Toffee Cappuccino, Chocolate Hazelnut and Raspberry Truffle – are sure to pique your curiosity.

Royal Gift Set ($38.80)

The Royal Gift Set features nine snowskin flavours – Pandan Lotus with Half Yolk, Oreo Chocolate, Cranberry Cheese, Toffee Cappuccino, Strawberry Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, Raspberry Truffle, Black Sesame with Mochi and D24 Durian – packed in a classy gift box that sports a plush golden sheen.

Those who embrace tradition will find pleasure in their baked treats, which include the Pure Lotus with single yolk, White Lotus, White Lotus with single yolk and Golden Jade with single yolk.

Each charming gift box fits either four regular-sized mooncakes or nine mini mooncakes.

Mini Snowskin Mooncakes

Mini Raspberry Truffle ($4.30 for one, $38.80 per box) –new!

One of the three new flavours that I took fancy on is the Mini Raspberry Truffle. Combining white chocolate and raspberry jam, the unique filling is encased in a delicate lilac snowskin that is perfumed with a subtle hint of strawberry.

Mini Chocolate Hazelnut ($4.30 for one, $38.80 per box) –new!

Hazelnut lovers, you’re on the right page. The mini Chocolate Hazelnut snowskin mooncake features an aromatic blend of hazelnut paste with chocolate cream, complemented with toasted hazelnut bits for that crunchy texture.

Usually I’m not a fan of nuts, but this, I thoroughly enjoyed; the tiny bits of nuts add a great texture to offset the richness of the paste. Om nom nom.

Mini Toffee Cappuccino ($4.30 for one, $38.80 per box) –new!

The mini Toffee Cappuccino snowskin mooncake features a richly fragrant Toffee lotus paste, with a delicate cappuccino chocolate truffle ball replacing the conventional egg yolk in the middle. The snowskin, lightly infused with cocoa, brings the whole mooncake together.

Mini Cranberry Cheese ($4.30 for one, $38.80 per box)

The striking combination of cranberry and cheese works exquisitely. The light cheese filling embraces a scatter of juicy cranberries; this mooncake is a delight to the palate.

Mini Strawberry Chocolate ($4.30 for one, $38.80 per box)

A refreshing option would be the Mini Strawberry Chocolate. A huge hunk of strawberry jam sits in the middle of the mooncake –it is a little too much for me to accept though.

Mini Oreo Chocolate ($4.30 for one, $38.80 per box)

I’m a sucker for Oreo cookies! While I would like a little biscuity crunch on the snowskin, and more intense chocolate-y richness in the filling, this mooncake is less heavy on the stomach as ‘Oreo chocolate mooncake’ may sound. I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Mini Pandan Lotus with Half Yolk ($4.40 for one, $96.80 per box)

The classic Pandan Lotus with Half Yolk snowskin mooncake is a perennial favourite of mine. I’ve always loved the fragrance of Pandan.

If you’re watching your cholesterol levels, a yolkless option would be the Mini Pandan Lotus ($4.10 for one, $36.80 per box).

Mini Black Sesame with Mochi ($4.40 for one, $39.80 per box)

The Mini Black Sesame with Mochi snowskin mooncake has an earthy, nutty taste to it that I find quite pleasing on the palate. However, I didn’t quite fancy the large ratio of mochi to filling –perhaps I’ve eaten enough mochis during my recent Taiwan trip that this incorporation does not entice me anymore. Mochi fans, revel.

Random Fact: Black sesame has many nutrients and minerals that do not only have medicinal properties but are also beneficial to aging and premature gray hair.

Mini D24 Durian ($5.30 for one, $47.80 per box)

This is for the durian lovers, and only the durian lovers. Luscious durian meat, smashed and smoothen out, is cocooned in a durian flavoured snow skin –intensely durian-y. It’s tremendously soft to bite into…

Traditional Baked Mooncakes

Baked Mooncake, Regular-sized ($38.80 for a box of four)

Pure Lotus with single yolk, White Lotus, White Lotus with single yolk and Golden Jade with single yolk –these immaculately-molded-and-baked-to-golden-perfection darlings will not disappoint traditionalists.

Golden Jade with 1 yolk ($9.95 for one, $39.80 per box)

The Golden Jade with single yolk is a highlight for me. The combination of pandan lotus paste and green bean paste is superb –the texture is not too sticky. The yolk in the middle is the ‘cherry on top of the cake’.

Having tasted mooncakes from several establishments, I’m pleasantly surprised by the standards of PrimaDeli’s mooncakes. Thumbs up!

Despite having attained the Halal certification, their mooncakes are in no way interior; their range of mooncakes caters to the Muslim community without compromising on taste and quality. Our Muslim friends can now enjoy this joyous festive celebration together!

Mooncakes are available from 15 August till 30 September 2012 at all PrimaDeli bakeries.

Special promotion*
15% off all mooncakes with a minimum purchase of 1 box (a box of 4 regular-sized mooncakes or a box of 9 mini-sized mooncakes)
*Terms & Conditions apply.
- Not valid with other promotions, discounts, vouchers or privilege cards.
- While stocks last.
- CitiBank Cardholders will be entitled to 5% off + 10% Citi rebate.

For enquiry or orders, please call PrimaDeli’s hotline at (65) 6276-333

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